Brewers Association of NZ launches campaign via Assignment about nutritional content of beer

BTBT.jpgThe Brewers Association of New Zealand is launching a new ad campaign called 'Beer The Beautiful Truth' this weekend via Assignment, that aims to bust myths and share facts about beer to help educate Kiwi consumers about what they are drinking.

Fronted by beloved Kiwi actors Robbie Magasiva and Antonia Prebble, world champion rower Eric Murray, and Wellington based soul singer-songwriter Hollie Smith, the campaign highlights the introduction of nutrition information panels on many of the Brewers' Association members' beers. The nutrition information panels carry information on sugar, calories, dietary fibre, protein and carbohydrate content.
BTBT Eric.jpgThe ad campaign is part of a major initiative called 'Beer the Beautiful Truth', which launched in February 2017. The initiative has seen Brewers Association members, Lion and DB Breweries, add nutrition information panels to the back of approximately 250 million bottles and cans to date. All products will continue to carry standard drinks labeling.

Says Dylan Firth, executive director, Brewers Association of New Zealand: "It has been a great summer for beer thanks to unseasonably warm weather, and peopleBTBT Robbie.jpg may be happy to know that most of the beer they are drinking is actually 99% sugar free and preservative free.

"Research has shown that there are a number of misperceptions about what is in beer, particularly around sugar content and preservatives. This campaign is about providing people with nutritional information so they can make informed decisions about what they drink.

"We know that New Zealanders consume an average of 37 teaspoons of added sugar every day, 6 times the recommended amount. With this in mind, we think it is important that consumers who are choosing to have a beer are armed with the information they need to make informed choices. The beautiful truth is - beer is not what people might think."

As part of theBTBT Antonia.jpg campaign, all the nutritional information included on participating beers will also be available on the website

The participating brands include: DB Draught, DB Export, Heineken, Lion Brown, Lion Ice, Lion Red, Mac's, Monteith's, Rheineck, Steinlager, Speight's, Tui and Waikato Draugh


The Dong said:

Who cares, as long as it get's me shit faced. LOLOLOLOL. JK JK, it's great to see the beautiful brew will make me beautiful too, and probably you.

The Dong said:

P.S. (post script)

JK = joking. Obvs.

Obvs = obviously.

Voice of Reason said:

The sad reality is that alcohol is a drug.
It is heavily abused in New Zealand.
Beer is a significant part of problem drinking.
The consequences of alcohol abuse include physical harm to the person drinking - ranging from obesity, diabetes, accident and injury from impairment etc to physical harm to others: violence, including domestic violence and injury and death from motor vehicle accidents and incidents. Beer and other forms of alcohol contribute to mental illness including depression and, at extremes, suicide. Abuse of alcohol affects national productivity and workplace safety.
These are facts of life.
Meanwhile parliament votes down relaxing absurd regulations on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
We have a distorted view of alcohol.
The brewing industry being suckered into spinning piss as a beneficial health product is, frankly, absurd and literally scraping the bottom of the barrel.

All great BUT said:

the website doesn't work - the age gate appears to be bust as it either doesn't register my response or takes me to an entirely different website.

Seriously CX fail here. Embarrassing

All great said:

Website worked fine for me. I found it pretty interesting really. Surprised that beer is 99% sugar free. Where is the link to the actual ads?

Pisstake said:

What ever happened to 'heroes of the young' being a no go in alcohol advertising?

The industry is starting to stink like tobacco lobbyists.

But I do like beer. The more the merrier.

@PissTake said:

Who is the hero to the young?

The All Blacks are the ultimate hero to the young.

NOT All great said:

Yeah, nah. That website is hideous.

Biggso said:

Disgraceful. Desperate stuff from Assigment.

Beer me said:

when you can’t make an ad about beer fun you’ve really fucked up.

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