Cadbury Dairy Milk says there's a glass and a half in everyone in new spot via VCCP London/Sydney

Cadbury_Still_2.jpgCadbury's has launched a new brand campaign, developed by VCCP London/Sydney, which shines a light on people with the "Glass and a half spirit" - the people that go over and above for others, the cheerful optimists, the ones that surprise others with small gestures, the people that embody the glass and a half spirit with little acts of kindness that bring people closer together. 

The campaign will kick off with a new TV commercial today and will be further underpinned by digital, social, PR and sampling activations throughout the year.

Cadbury_Still_1 (1).jpgThe spot tells the story of an older lady, Mrs Thompson who lives next door to two boys.  As the seasons pass she is forever returning the boys' toys back over the fence, with a twinkle in her eye.  The old lady is pleasantly surprised when the young boys decide to show their appreciation giving her a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk over the fence, because "There is a glass and a half in everyone".

Says Ben Wicks, global brand equity lead for Cadbury: "It's easy to overlook those small moments that happen every day. We want to shine a light on the stories of human connection that bring people closer together in our busy world.

"Cadbury Dairy Milk's smooth & creamy taste has been bringing enjoyment to people for decades. The new Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign is a celebration of the little moments that connect us, just because "There's a glass and a half in everyone"."

Mondel─ôz International's cocoa sustainability program Cocoa Life, will also be launching on pack later this month. This is an exciting reflection of the business' commitment to global sustainability and the highest standard of cocoa production.

Says Wicks: "Cocoa Life is a half a billion dollar investment by Mondel─ôz Internationalin cocoa farming communities to address some of the challenges faced by the cocoa farming industry, promote ethical cocoa production across our supply chain, and ultimately will help to secure the next generation of cocoa farmers.

"Expanding the Cocoa Life program across our Cadbury Dairy Milk range in Australia and New Zealand will give our consumers the confidence that whenever they buy a Cadbury chocolate bar it will not only taste good, but do good too."  

Global Cadbury Equity Lead: Ben Wicks
Regional Cadbury Equity Lead: Nikhil Rao
ANZ Cadbury Equity Lead: Carla Filia

Creative: VCCP London/Sydney
Director: Andrew Lang
Production House: The Sweet Shop
VCCP London Creative Director: Chris Birch
VCCP Sydney Executive Creative Director: Gary Dawson
VCCP Sydney Senior Account Director: Edward Hughes
VCCP Sydney Producer: Melissa Petryszyn

Media: Carat
Client Leader: Tess Eastcott


ceri said:

This play on words (every one and everyone) sounds so silly, especially as it based on an assumption of familiarity with the history of this product...its claim that each bar contains a glass and a half of milk...and suggests that everybody has to eat an entire bar of chocolate before they become generous?

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