New Zealand musicians collaborate in latest creative campaign for Trustpower via Gunroom

image001.jpgTrustpower has launched its first major campaign via Gunroom in nearly two years with a new TVC featuring New Zealand musicians Age Pryor, Laughton Kora, Chris O'Connor and Emma Eden.

The new creative marks a departure from Trustpower's advertising of the last three years which featured the characters of Captain Energy, Broadband Girl, and their puppies.  

image002.jpgSays Carolyn Schofield, marketing communications manager, Trustpower: "Our research showed Captain Energy and Broadband Girl were very effective in communicating Trustpower's bundled energy and broadband services. They also helped to establish aimage006.jpg distinct personality for the brand. However it was time to move on to something new."

The new creative, featuring a group of New Zealand musicians coming together to create a song, hasimage007.jpg been developed off the back of research carried out by Trustpower during 2017 into perceptions of the brand and the role that Trustpower can play in customers' lives.

Says Schofield: "We found that through our key products, andimage011.jpg through our superior service, Trustpower gives people back time to do the things they want to be doing.  We help customers to feel in control and be confident about the way they manage their daily lives. When day to day  life admin is all sorted it creates a bit of extra space in people's lives to do more of what they want to do.

"We wanted to create advertising that communicates a feeling of being relaxed and laid back. And we wanted to create a moment of space in a commercial break that left people feeling good. The campaign launches with a 3 minute spot in key programmes so that viewers, rather than being bombarded with multiple competing messages in the break, can just sit back and enjoy what we have created."

The development of the creative approach was a collaboration between creative director Daniel Crayford of Gunroom, well respected musician Age Pryor and director Chris Dudman.

Says Schofield: "Age has written us a beautiful song that encapsulates the feeling of taking it easy and having a little bit of extra time to enjoy life. And he brought together Laughton Kora, Chris O'Conner and Emma Eden who do a fantastic job bringing the song to life."  

Trustpower's activity over the past four years has established the company not only as one of the top five power retailers in New Zealand but also as a serious competitor to the major telcos. Trustpower is now the fourth largest fixed line telecommunications retailer in New Zealand with over 80,000 customer connections. 35% of Trustpower customers now have two or more services with the company and 80% of new customers sign up for two or more products.  

Says Schofield: "Less than four years ago our own research was giving us a consideration score of 0% as a telco retailer in Auckland. How things have changed."

The campaign launches with 180s and 90s TVCs for broadcast TV and online.  A further 30s and 15s will be introduced in the coming weeks.  The song, "We've got the time" written and performed by Age Pryor, is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Client: Carolyn Schofield, Marketing Communications Manager, Trustpower
Agency: Gunroom
Creative Director: Daniel Crayford
TV Production: Director: Chris Dudman
Producer: Mark Foster
Original Music: Age Pryor
Media: Independent Media NZ - Mark Reekie


Kristin said:

Love the advert and especially the musicians

,yn said:

The music is stunning, amazing! Certainly caught my “ear” !

APR said:

Love the latest ad. Music awesome

Alison said:

As a past customer of Trustpower and someone who will never buy a product if the advert is rubbish, I absolutely love this ad. The music coming together is great, visuals suit and the tune is very beatty.
Thanks for making a real nice piece music and hope the marketing pays off.

Taiawhio Wati said:

Seriously though I need to know this
is the xylophone "Phone", the bass "Power" the hornthing (sorry dunno the word) "Gas" and the vocal/dude who picks everyone up, hes "Broadband" right

if so, Genius!

if not, serendipitously genius!

Fran Sent said:

Love the ad and the song! Very kiwi very catchy ...just love it. Well done to whoever brought this all together. Makes me feel good everything I view it on TV.

Joe said:

Love the video its so catchy the song keep you fixed to the screen truly a beautiful song

Gill said:

Just love this music, like Celtic music, would love a CD of this type of music.
Keep it up Trustpower, doing good

Rangi Bernecker said:

Just love to listen to the music every time it comes on,reminds me of summer days, butterflies rainbows and the seaside.

shane said:

Nice Real Nice

Pauline said:

Music just beautiful thank you! Every time it comes on I have to stop and watch.....
Great advertisement, the best since the 2015 Lotto one, shot at Ngawi, also with lovely music (On The Sea, by Beach House).

Charmaine said:

This advert is brilliant. May I predict it will be the advert of the year! . Just love the whole thing, music, scenery and dedication of the musicians. I'd love to get a cd or a download of the who piece of music.

Viv said:

Just love this music..
Where can i buy it!!?
So beautiful..

Isabella said:

Beautiful music, like the magicians. LOVE, LOVE THE SONG

Kathy said:

Luv luv luv the ad and the music. It’s everything you wanted it to be. It takes you into a different “ SPACE “ Would luv to be able to download it or get a copy of it. BEST ad ever. Must win ad of the year award.🏆🥇🎼

Donna Lethamj said:

This advert has grown on me. I even googled to.find out who the band was. Well done. I love the song. I would love to hear more from them.

Bill said:

Don't like the music at all. Irritating but guess it makes you remember the ad!!!!

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