Dine promises more face-to-face time with your furry friend in latest campaign via Colenso BBDO

DINE Creamy Treats PR Hero1 (1).jpgDine has launched a new product backed by a global through-the-line campaign from Colenso BBDO.

Cat owners love their cats unreservedly. It's a deep and special bond that, let's face it, can often be a little one sided. Dine understands the key to this emotional bargaining is food -  gorgeous food, designed to satisfy their particular feline senses. The truth is, we humans are powerless to resist their tactics to get Dine in their bowls. But luckily, it goes both ways.

Dine Creamy Treats are single-serve sachets designed for you to hand-feed to your cat, and in doing so, win some quality time face-to-face with your furry friend.

Prior to launch, a social competition highlights and seeds the problem by asking cat-lovers to share photos of their cat's shunning style in action. The aim - to find New Zealand's snobbiest cat. The chosen cat (and its owner) will win an original portrait by kiwi artist, Otis Frizzell, with the help of Dine Creamy Treats, they'll have their new-found love immortalised.

Post launch, the problem is resolved by a heart-warming film, telling the story of a man whose world begins to fall apart when he realises he's never seen his beloved cat's face. The film lands on TV as a 30" and 15", and online as a 60" and 6" bumpers.

Supported by OOH, print, digital and an innovative sampling approach - Cat Scanner. A mobile web app that uses cutting-edge in-camera object-detection to pioneer something called Non-Face-Recognition. Owners can simply photograph their cat using www.catscanner.co.nz and, thanks to machine learning, the app can tell whether you're getting the cold shoulder. Designed to help those cat owners in desperate need of some face-to-face time, sorting them out with a voucher for free Dine Creamy Treats.

The Dine Creamy Treats campaign has been developed and produced by Colenso BBDO in New Zealand, but will be launching in many other markets including the UK, Europe, Australia and China.

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Director: Adam Stevens


I don't usually comment but…  said:


The Judge said:

Like the Toyota commercial, this ‘film’ labours the gag too much, taking far to long to keep retelling the same problem over and over again without lifting the seriousness of the problem.

Similarly, it isn’t ridiculous enough to be funny, it’s just over-egged.

Worse still, the hand-fed single sachet element of the product is treated as an add on instead of the thrust (let alone the idea that the cat is using special tactics to get Dine).

Pedigree did their dog selfies, this seems like a desperate attempt to do a more legit version of it.

Great production values. Well done the agency for selling the client on this.

Charlie said:

Could I get an original portrait by Dick Frizzell instead?

Mr Mittens said:

I think the cat got bored watching its own ad.

Catwoman said:

Can anyone in NZ do good TV commercials? Seems not.

Thoughts said:

Would have been funnier if the cat had a super minging face.

On a side note - who else wishes The Judge would STFU?!

Smiggles said:

Lolz. As a cat that hates all humans, this is good. Why so much hate @The Judge? Care to share your way better TVC?

Yes said:

The judge can really go take a long walk off a short pier. Typical whining kiwi creative who can’t get any good work of his own made so gets his rocks off slagging others.

And no, I don’t work at Colenso or have any connection to this work. Just sick of negative asshats like him bringing relentless negativity into this industry.

I like it said:

This is the first cat food ad i’ve Seen that basically goes ‘look, cars can be utter assholes’. As a cat owner, I laughed and will probably get these for those times you need to bribe your cat into cooperating

Millenial said:

I liked it too. Must have missed the bit about the car assholes though...

-The Judge can suck a fat cat

Outside Left said:

I agree with @Judge. The ad misses the point. Nothing negative with having an opinion.

First time troll said:

It's a cat food add, chill the F out. It's funny. Side note - When is the annual award number for Amnesty International coming out, had it in my diary and seems to be a late deliverable, starting to worry that maybe the client might see it before it goes live - Clients these day - sigh.

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