Saatchi & Saatchi chief creative officer Toby Talbot announced as Ad Stars executive judge

Toby Talbot (2).jpgAd Stars has announced its first executive judges for the 2018 Ad Stars Awards: Toby Talbot (left), chief creative officer of Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and Wooh Hoh, chief creative officer of Hakuhodo Asia Pacific.

Says Talbot: "I'm really excited to attend Ad Stars for the first time - a global festival based in a part of the world I've never visited before. Asia has long been the centre of tech and innovation. But how it's colliding with creativity in fascinating ways right now has me really intrigued. I'm also keen to find out first hand why Ad Stars has become one of the fastest growing creative festivals in the world. Bring on the case studies I say. Just make them mercifully short please."

Originally from the UK, Talbot has made a phenomenal contribution to New Zealand's reputation for advertising brilliance over the past 20 years working at Colenso, DDB, TBWA, Assignment and latterly Saatchi. Highlights include nearly a decade at Colenso BBDO, helping to put the agency on the map creatively in the early 2000s. Next, he transformed the fortunes of DDB New Zealand, winning Campaign Brief Agency of the Year four of his five years in charge. After returning to the UK in 2012 to briefly run Y&R, he came back down under and oversaw a complete creative renaissance at DDB Sydney, before returning to New Zealand last year. He is now back at Saatchi New Zealand on a mission to take the agency back to the very top in New Zealand. Knowing his track record, he might well succeed.
To name just a few of his many accomplishments, Talbot was named Campaign Asia's Creative of the Year for Australia and New Zealand in 2011, and has won Campaign Brief Agency of the Year ten times across three agencies, more recently leading DDB Sydney to become the most awarded Australian agency at Cannes in 2016 with 12 lions.
At Ad Stars 2018, Talbot will oversee the Diverse Insights, Outdoor, Public Service Advertising, Place Brand, Radio & Audio categories.

Woon Hoh (1).jpgHoh (left) has won countless awards for Hakuhodo's Asia-Pacific team at festivals including the London International Awards, AdFest and Cannes.

Says Hoh: "I think it is great to see a festival like Ad Stars that is free to enter, open to the general public, as well as being a not-for-profit. It's a unique model, and I'm looking forward to experiencing Ad Stars for the first time in August."
Since graduating in 1992 from the Graphic Design School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Hoh has emerged as one of Asia's most formidable talents: under his leadership as regional executive creative director at Hakuhodo Indonesia, the agency was always among the top three agencies in the country. Now based in Bangkok, Hoh is bringing the same creative drive to Hakuhodo's offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Hoh will oversee the Direct, Media, Promotion, PR, Data Insights, Social & Influencer categories at Ad Stars 2018.
Says Hwan Jin Choi, chair of the Ad Stars Executive Committee: "It is an honour to welcome Woon Hoh and Toby Talbot as our first executive judges of 2018. They are both extremely accomplished creatives based in very different parts of the world, and together their expertise will help us set Ad Stars apart as a global festival, based in Asia, which has a unique philosophy based on a spirit of openness and sharing."
Ad Stars is free to enter, and the only festival with a US$10,000 cash prize for Grand Prix of the Year winners. Submit your entries before 15th May 2018 via


Laughable said:

Oh yeah, AdStars, that well-known, high profile, crucial advertising show of the world. Who still enters this (other than Colenso)? And isn't it ironic that Publicis aren't entering awards but they can still get on the judging junket?

Still relevant said:

It not quite D&AD is it..?

Important business said:

Whist Saatchi are still struggling to make ends meet, it's good to see the COO jetting off to literally the least important award show in the world. Literally, the only reason anyone enters adstars is because it's free. And because they give away $10,000 to the GP winners.

Neil Finn said:

You three haters/jokers commenting above make me want to vomit! It is exactly those kind of Elitists, Snooty and Primative comments that show a complete lack of respect and understanding of the world outside of NZ! Maybe have a pop at Josh at Y&R for judging at the Tambuli in Manila or Levi at Colenso for judging at Adfest as well! You bunch of losers!

Yes yes said:

Absolutely agree Neil Finn. Tambuli! Adfest! Kinsale Sharks! They're all a bunch of arse. Anyone judging at any of them is going for a lark, hardly for the quality of the work and to further their careers. In fact, it's finally getting to the point where judging at these B-rate shows all around the world looks bad for the judge...

KH said:

Every-time someone sneers at an 'Asian' competition for not being D&AD or Cannes, a little something in me dies.

Neil Finn said:

'Yes yes' are a twat!

@Neil Finn said:

Congrats on the Fleetwood signing! Finally making some coin.

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