Cannes Contenders: DDB New Zealand

How will New Zealand perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Armoured Truck.jpgLotto New Zealand: Armoured Truck
DDB New Zealand
Two armoured truck drivers, who are good friends, go about their daily routine of transporting bags full of cash. On the way to the bank they fantasize about what they'd do if the money in the truck belonged to them. Given they spend every day next to a dream fortune, it's a conversation they often have. But today's different, because when they pull up to the bank the driver proposes that they actually run away with the cash. The passenger thinks he's joking, but as they drive further away from the bank, panic sets in as he realises his friend is serious. As the tension reaches a crescendo, the driver pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to his confused partner. It's a winning lottery ticket. The whole thing has been a ruse to reveal to his friend that he's giving him half the money.
Speights_The Dance.jpgLion: The Dance
DDB New Zealand
In this spot we follow two mates, as one teaches the other to dance after work each day. when they start they're an awkward mess. But they stick at it, practicing their moves and discussing tactics during the day at work. Even their mates get in on the action, staying after work to sip on a beer and offer them advice with the expertise that guys like to assume they have on every subject. Getting good at dancing has become their group project, and they approach it with the same laconic attitude we'd usually see guys training for a sport. The whole time we're left guessing as to what they're training for, until we finally see our main character, Simon on his wedding day, as he surprises his new wife Tammy with a perfect dance routine while his mates look proudly on.

Rescam.jpgNetsafe: Re:Scam
DDB New Zealand
Re:scam is an AI chatbot designed to do the one thing you shouldn't: reply to scams. By forwarding suspicious emails to Re:scam, our bot identifies scam and begins a never-ending conversation, so scammers waste their time talking to a chatbot instead of real targets. With multiple personalities, an ever-growing vocabulary and the ability to generate false account information, there's no way for scammers to know they're talking to computer. Users can also share the conversations they've initiated, and communicate with Re:scam via social media.

Fight For Territory.jpgLion: Fight for Territory
DDB New Zealand
The Lions Rugby Tour was coming to New Zealand. They only come every 12 years. All Blacks sponsor Steinlager wanted to get the most out of the tour. So we found somewhere the fans and teams spent even more time than they do in the stadiums: The airport. Steinlager bought every sign, in every terminal, and made them interactive. Then told our rivals, Guinness (Lion's sponsor) that they could have the signs for free. They just had to fight us for them.
GirlsBreakUp.jpgSKY Television New Zealand: GIRLS Break Up Ice Cream
DDB New Zealand
To help fans get over the fact the cast of GIRLS was leaving them, we created GIRLS Break Up Ice Cream. These specially designed ice cream flavours with suitably bleak names were delivered to fans' homes via our custom sad ice cream truck in time for the final episode. On the back of the packaging we included something to make sure the fans didn't break up with NEON: a list of shows on our platform that would help them get over the end of GIRLS, and prevent them from cancelling their subscription.

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