Cannes Contenders: Ogilvy New Zealand

How will New Zealand perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Worlds most successful recruitment (1).jpgNew Zealand Police: World's most successful recruitment video
Ogilvy New Zealand
With a police force that's 80% white and 70% male, New Zealand Police needed to attract new recruits. Diverse recruits. So, it made a recruitment video that spoke to the people of New Zealand. Using a diverse range of officers that reflected the audience it wanted to attract, as well as a range of social influencers to speak to different communities and cultures. Using a "Kiwi" tone of voice and humour, it encouraged those that wouldn't normally consider becoming cops, to take the first step and visit And as a result, its video received 91.8 million views in a week, and has seen a huge increase in diverse recruits and an intake of the most female recruits, ever.
Pirihimana (1) (2).jpgNew Zealand Police: Pirihimana Car
Ogilvy New Zealand
Every year, New Zealand celebra tes Māori Language Week. A week in which the nation is encouraged to use Te Reo Māori, New Zealand's indigenous language. So, NZ Police decided to do something visible to show its support during Māori Language Week. For the first time in NZ Police history, New Zealand changed the design of the official police car to display the word "Pirihimana"; the Māori word for police. This show of support saw members of the public create their own Pirihimana cars, and one fan even brought it to life inhit video game Grand Theft Auto.

RugbyFighter (1).jpgRebel Sport: Rugby Fighter
Ogilvy New Zealand
The All Blacks are the most famous rugby team in the world, but they're not New Zealand's most successful. Yet, even though the Black Ferns (NZ's female rugby team) have won more World Cups than their male counterparts, the All Blacks, they're still relatively unknown and underpaid. Having full time jobs, on top of being world champions makes the Black Ferns truly astounding. But, to become household names they need to be portrayed like the sports stars they actually are. So, Rebel Sport produced a campaign featuring a little known Black Fern; with a remarkable day job. 'Rugby Fighter' Rebecca Wood is not only a Rugby World Champion, she's also a Firefighter. They celebrated Rebecca's double life with an inspiring campaign, making her a household name. And by getting behind Rebecca Wood, Rebel Sport got the whole country talking about our greatest rugby team.

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