Jaquie Brown fronts Lotto NZ's brand new Mother's Day campaign via Spark PR & Activate

Lotto_Spark PR and Activate_Mothers Day (1).jpgLotto and Spark PR & Activate have teamed up with much-loved personality Jaquie Brown to highlight the magic of being a mum ahead of Mother's Day on Sunday 13th May.
The hilarious Jaquie Brown stars in the latest Lotto Mother's Day video, which will be housed on Facebook and run on digital pre-roll, tapping into a magical moment that all New Zealand mums will identify with - reading bedtime stories with their children. And equally relatable - falling asleep with their child as they read the story. And even more relatable - that a child never sleeps conventionally in a bed. Keeping things in the family, the video also features Brown's son and her own mum, Janet.

Leah Neilson, Lotto marketing manager, says the Mother's Day campaign is about capturing what mums really want - more time with their family - incorporating Brown's quirky sense of humour.
Says Neilson: "We are delighted to work with Jaquie. She truly understands the joy and hilarity of being a mum, and the challenges and importance of spending quality time with her children. A Lotto Triple Dip win can help give mothers the gift of time, and memories with their families. We loved that it was a real family affair with her own mother and son in the video too."
Says Chris Lloyd, head of content, Spark PR & Activate: "This is a fun, relatable video that plays out the realities of being a mum. While a Lotto Triple Dip win would mean you could buy a lot of nice things, what most parents want is the opportunity to spend more time with their kids. Jaquie is perfect to carry the balance of being relatable and inspirational."
Client - Leah Neilson, Lotto NZ marketing manager
Writer - Jaquie Brown, Chris Lloyd (Spark PR & Activate)
Producer - Spark PR & Activate, part of PHD New Zealand
Video production - Motion Valley

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