Media Design School students shortlisted for Future Lions and win merits at Young Ones

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 8.04.57 am.jpgAdSchool students, Rebecca Sharp and Madison Norgrove took on thousands of student teams from around the globe earlier this year in the Future Lions challenge - and this week they have received the exciting news that they have made it onto the shortlist. Final results of competition will be announced in June at the Cannes festival.

Judged by AKQA and Google in London, the Lions brief was simple: 'Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service in a way that wasn't possible three years ago'. The team's idea for Libra took a currency that's long existed; women asking for a tampon or pad from another woman and turned it into an actual currency. A multi-token, female cryptocurrency which used female investors to help women in period poverty.
Immediately prior to the Future Lion's challenge, AdSchool students took on another global challenge; a brief for Sonnet Insurance for the New York-based One Show.

Says Kate Humphries, CD, AdSchool: "It was a brief that had been on the Young Ones page since November last year. In mid-February, a mere two weeks into our 2018 programme, we decided to play catch-up with all the Northern Hemisphere students by throwing a whole classful of new students straight into the deep end with, of all things, an insurance brief, and under two weeks left on the clock until the deadline hit."

"We were the only school from Australasia to make it to the finalist stages, and this week we felt particularly buoyant to hear the news that seven of our newbie finalist scored merit awards for their ideas.  Congratulations to all students involved: Philip Meki, Tatiana Grigore & Rebecca Sharp (again) for Sonnet Perfumes; Tess Saxby & William Budgett for A lot happens in cars; and Hannah Stokes & Maisie D'Cruz for Upcycled Accidents."


Samuel Marsden said:

Student work.

BishBashBosh said:

They are blissfully unaware that advertising eats its young.

Old. said:

And the old and everyone in between. Good for those who can stay in the industry but this is by far the minority.

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