The Ministry of Education launches new bullying prevention initiative 'Oat the Goat' via FCB NZ

MOE0340_OattheGoat_A3P.jpg'Oat the Goat', a new bullying prevention initiative by Ministry of Education and FCB, has just launched by associate education minister, Tracey Martin.

Minister Martin visited Thorndon Primary School where she captivated the young audience as she read from the interactive web story, the focal piece of the new campaign.

Targeted at 4-7 year olds during their transition to primary school, 'Oat the Goat' depicts an immersive world, populated by a cast of characters. The story follows them on their journey through an animated series of distinctly Kiwi landscapes, accompanied by a soundtrack performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO).

Says Matt Barnes, digital creative director, FCB New Zealand: "Oat the Goat has been one of those projects people go over and above for, as it's an issue people are intensely passionate about. Creatively, and from a craft perspective, there's been a lot of love poured in from our partners, Assembly, Liquid Studios and composer Tane Upjohn-Beatson with the NZSO."

By combining a classic storybook format with the interactive possibilities of digital media, children and their family become involved in the decisions faced by the main character 'Oat' when he encounters bullying as a bystander. The interactivity helps cement the moral of the story in readers' minds so they are empowered to support the targets of bullying if they face it in real life.

The story will be promoted within schools during Bullying-Free NZ Week (14 - 18 May), then target parents and whanau across social media channels with the support of the Bullying Prevention Advisory Group. All assets from the campaign, including the storybook, full site and promotional materials, will be available in both English and te reo Māori.

Client: Ministry of Education
Agency: FCB New Zealand
Production Company: Assembly
Director: Matt von Trott
Senior Developer: Matt Wilson
Character Designer/Art Director: Josh Fourt-Wells
Digital and Content Producer: Clare Bone
Composer: Tane Upjohn-Beatson
Conductor: Hamish McKeitsch
Recording and Mix Engineer: Graham Kennedy
Music: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Alistair Fraser
Sound Studio: Liquid Studios
Sound Design and Mixing: James Dean
Narrators: Dave Fane (English)/Piripi Taylor (te reo Māori)


Love It said:

This is choice as chips! Well done you guys, can't wait to show it to the kids...

Erik H said:

Terrific! Well done all you clever people.

Swin said:

Love this. Must have been fun to write.

Trixie said:

Great book about kindness, the kids loved it

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