Nestlé partners with Fifth Corner Inc. + YOU-app to help inspire small changes for big differences

You App _1.jpgNestlé has today announced a partnership with Fifth Corner Inc., the creator of pocket wellness coach YOU-app, to help users adopt simple changes to influence behavioural changes.

The partnership is the first in both Australia and New Zealand for the Finnish-based YOU- app, providing app users with a series of suggested 'micro-actions' to inspire change to improve their life.

Under the partnership, YOU-app is being offered to everyone who completes the Nestlé GoodLife quiz, an online questionnaire designed to understand consumers' attitudes, behaviours and aspirations - and what a good life really means to each individual.

A bespoke version of YOU-app has been created for Nestlé, based on the Nestlé GoodLife quiz content. The GoodLife quiz has had more than 60,000 respondents since late 2017.

Says Katrina Koutoulas, head of wellness, Nestlé: "We have had thousands of consumers take the Nestlé GoodLife quiz, which helps them to recognise what they value and how to achieve a good life.

To find out more, visit the Nestlé GoodLife quiz; following completion respondents will be invited to download YOU-app.
"Partnering with YOU-app allows us to extend that conversation by providing our consumers with useful content - in the palm of their hand - about simple 'micro- changes' they can adopt to help make their good life aspirations a reality.

"Nestlé is committed to inspiring our consumers achieve a happier, healthier life - and we know our consumers are too, but in busy lives change can seem daunting. By partnering with YOU-app, we can help to provide realistic ideas for small changes that people can make, which can help make a big impact in pursuit of a good life."

Says Nelli Lähteenmäki,  CEO and co-founder, Fifth Corner Inc.: "We are delighted to be partnering with Nestlé to help more Aussies achieve changes to help improve their life.

"Research shows that sustainable change is best achieved when taken in small steps. Micro-actions, small changes that may take mere minutes, can help in forming new, sustainable habits."

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