NZSIF and How To Dad encourages Kiwis to 'Go Snow' in new campaign via Strategy Creative

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 8.57.36 am.jpgThe New Zealand Snow Industries Federation has relaunched its Go Snow campaign via Strategy Creative, to encourage Kiwi families back on the slopes.

The freezing temperatures forecast this winter have been the perfect motivation for NZSIF to have another look at the campaign that has been running for years.

To facilitate this relaunch, NZSIF has been working with Strategy Creative to develop a new look and campaign strategy. Working closely together, Strategy and NZSIF have relaunched Go Snow this winter and focus on the best channels to reach the modern Kiwi family.

Says Miles Davidson, director, NZSIF: "We needed to do something different. Our old campaign wasn't resonating in the way it used to and we felt we just needed to make a change, while still maintaining the essence of what Go Snow means."

Managing Partner of Strategy Creative Christchurch, Nick Harvey, explains the challenge presented by NZSIF and how Strategy developed the perfect solution.

Says Nick Harvey, managing partner, Strategy Creative Christchurch: "Our main goal in developing this campaign was to create a New Zealand-wide movement which encourages and inspires all New Zealanders to get back on the snow or to give it a go. We believe every Kiwi has the right to Go Snow."

The main initiative that caused a lot of excitement was the use of social media phenomenon Jordan Watson (How to DAD) to produce a friendly and humorous 'How to take kids to the snow' video as part of the campaign. The partnership with Watson is directly linked to the core message of the Go Snow campaign, as explained by NZSIF director, Miles Davidson.

Says Davidson: "Jordan represents exactly what the Go Snow campaign is all about. He's a young family man who's keen to come up to the mountains, strap on some skis and just give it a go. Strategy truly lived up to their name on this one."

Watson (How to DAD) is a social media personality based in Auckland with 1.7 million Facebook followers, 230,000 YouTube subscribers and 43,000 Instagram followers.

Go Snow re-launched on Monday 25th June and so far the 'How to take kids to the snow' video has had over 269,000 views on facebook and 25,000 views on YouTube.

As part of the relaunch of Go Snow, a range of different initiatives have been developed. This includes a new website that serves as the central hub to help every Kiwi family onto the slopes, as well as an optional newsletter to update those interested in the latest promotions, news and events relating to the snow season.

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