Sugar&Partners launches new IP Partnership + creative business concept - 'Wondermins'

Unknown-1[2].jpgSugar&Partners has announced its latest, "IP Partnership" initiative with the successful launch of Wondermins.

Wondermins is a creative business concept initiated, built and launched by the agency, with business partner & CEO Rob Berman.

The model uses a sophisticated AI platform to create personalised vitamin recommendations. High quality nutrients are then packed into super-convenient daily packs and delivered direct. It reduces time, hassle and waste, with up to 30% savings. See here at
Unknown-2[2].jpgThe agency believes this kind of initiative represents a key component of the future of the communications industry - where genuine business partnerships are built on shared goals and risk in equal measure.

The old-fashioned hourly rate model is an awful legacy model that was never effective, even in its day. It hasUnknown-5[2].jpg everyone charging like lawyers and measuring marketing inputs (hours) as opposed to genuinely useful outputs; creative business thinking that will grow brands and businesses.

The new model, like Wondermins, has agencies stepping up to the plate to experience the same risks and challenges that clients face. It has agencies and clients working together to deliver Unknown[3].jpg innovative solutions and customer experiences. It's also much more fun and mutually rewarding.

S&P is increasingly rolling out this model - offering to share risk, and partner with clients on special projects, NPD, un-tapped opportunities or areas that need an innovative approach to reduce cost or realise ROI.


The Judge said:

Amazing the type of work that gets outputted by an agency when skin is in the game.

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