Eddie Coghlan's Creative LIAisons Diary #3 & #4

2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(0)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpgArt director Eddie Coghlan from SDWM is representing Australia at the 2017 LIA Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas, featuring some of the world's most respected creative directors as speakers. Coghlan reports exclusively for CB.

The day started off with a painful headache after last nights shindig. But once again after a gigantic Starbucks coffee it was to time to get inspired.

The first speaker to hit the stage was Susan Credle, talking about the 'creative career' and how important a good work life balance is. After a short break we experienced some of the best work coming out of Thailand. It's truly a unique style but they have created something iconic. Sompat Trisadikun went on to explain that their style has grown out of the cultural nature of Thai people. They are a happy bunch and they don't take things too seriously, and it shows in the creative work they produce. 
2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(1)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpgNext we received a talk on the resurgence of audio and the importance of sonic branding. We were lucky enough to have three great panellists; Ralph Van Dijk, Tom Eymundson and Jill Kershaw. It wasn't an ordinary presentation, we were set several tasks throughout the talk to help us fully understand the process involved in building a brand's audio identity.

Lunch time again and2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(2)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg something greasy was in every ones minds after the previous nights festivities.

After returning from lunch we noticed our tables had been moved into groups, a clue that the format was about to change. Before any activities started we had one more speaker for the day. Andrew Carlson, the CCO of Digitas, shared some insights into the current change and evolution of the creative2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(4)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg landscape and how we need to be heretics and think way outside the box to stay at the forefront of creativity.

The final component for the day was the group activity (competition) orchestrated by the lovely people at Great Guns. The brief asked us to create a piece of snackable content with an i-pad and some props. The micro ad was restricted to 6 seconds in length and each group had to base it off four words that were in the middle of the table. At the end of the rapid creative process all of the work2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(5)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg was viewed and judged and I'm happy to say that my group took home 'Great Guns snackable content' top honours.

Another day is done and dusted, bring on tomorrow.

Day 3

The third day of Creative LIAisons started differently. We had to report to the Encore Hotel poolside patio. This plan sparked excitement, but before the budgie smugglers could be unleashed we very swiftly split into three judging groups (ad categories) and guided to different rooms. I was lucky enough to land the non-traditional advertising category, which I was wrapped2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(6)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg about given it has the potential to house some of the most innovative work.
The non-traditional jury consisted of 10 amazing creatives; Khai Tham Meng (Jury president) Bruno Bertelli, Richard Brim, Riccardo Fregoso, Marco 'Pernil' Giannelli, Rodrigo Jatene, S M Talha Nazim, Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Liz Taylor and Soo Hee Yang.

It was a great experience to be a fly on the wall and soak up all the thoughts and2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(7)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg perspectives the jury had on the work submitted. It was really interesting to hear the differing opinions, see whether they alligned with my own thoughts and witness the debates that ultimately decided what got awarded and what didn't.

We watched on as they went through every sub-category within the non-traditional category, and everything appeared to be going to plan. After lunch however, the smooth judging process came to an abrupt halt when it was time to decide on the non-traditional Grand LIA Award. The judges seemed like they were on the same2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-3-(8)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg wavelength, but when it came time to award the grand prize everyone was divided. After a lengthy series of voting rounds a majority was formed and fates were decided.

It was an amazing insight into what the judges look for in great ideas. It was also interesting to learn that you can create an amazing case study but if the idea isn't strong enough it doesn't really stand a chance (unless they create a category for case study craft).

So far, each day at LIAisons has gotten better and better. I can't wait for tomorrow.
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