Eddie Coghlan's Creative LIAisons Diary #1

2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(1)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpgArt director Eddie Coghlan from SDWM is representing Australia at the 2017 LIA Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas, featuring some of the world's most respected creative directors as speakers. Coghlan reports exclusively for CB.

So technically day one hasn't even hit yet, but when you're stepping foot on US soil for the very first time and about to participate in the holy grail of under 30 ad experiences, you can't help getting a little bit keen. Being an art director, words were never going to adequately describe my experience, so behold my photo diary of the LIA experience. This is the story so far, from arriving for the 2018 Creative LIAisons, to betting everything on black (turns out that's not my lucky colour), to strolling down the boulevard to see where it ends only to realise that it doesn't...
2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(2)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpgDay Zero has been a great unofficial introduction to the program, and now it's time to rest the legs, refill the wallet and recharge the batteries so I can give the official 'Day One' a fair nudge.

2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(3)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(4)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(5)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(6)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(7)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(8)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg 2018-Creative-LIAisions-Day-1-(9)-Eddie-Coghlan.jpg

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