Lifeline flips the '27 Club' on its head in new fundraising campaign via DDB New Zealand

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 1.30.39 pm.jpgLifeline has launched a new fundraising campaign via DDB New Zealand, The 72 Club, which flipped the infamous '27 Club' on its head.

The '27 Club' consists of a group of young musicians whose lives were tragically cut short. From that inspiration, The 72 Club was created to inspire all Kiwis to go on to live to 72 and beyond.

The campaign came about when two DDB New Zealand creatives read a news story highlighting that Lifeline, New Zealand's largest mental health helpline, had lost funding and was struggling to operate. They had the idea to recreate a song made famous by a member of the 27 Club, Janis Joplin's Piece of My Heart, with a group of music legends who have enjoyed a life well lived.

Lifeline 72 Club Press v1.jpgThe song is brought to life through a powerful music video, produced by Sweetshop and directed by Dylan Pharazyn, that captures an older Kiwi woman as she celebrates a full and happy life surrounded by her friends and family.

Supported by NZME, the track has received significant airplay across NZME's wide-reaching radio stations, and the campaign has been supported in print and online via NZME's nationwide print, digital and radio platforms which reach a total audience of more than 3.3 million Kiwis. All campaign touchpoints have been directing audiences to where donations can be made directly, or by buyingLifeline 72 Club Press v2.jpg merchandise such as tees, totes and special edition vinyl records, or purchasing a copy of the song.

To-date, the campaign has raised just under $300,000, including two donations from Kiwi businesses Simplicity and FlexiGroup, who each pledged to join The 72 Club by donating $72,000.

The proceeds from The 72 Club campaign will allow Lifeline to continue to deliver the vital services it's been providing for more than 50 years, with the aim that no person's call goes unanswered.

Illustrator Minky Stapleton created an iconic piece of cover art for the album. The black and white illustration portrays stylised members of The 72 Club cutting loose, and has beenLifeline 72 Club Posters v12.jpg further used in print, out of home, and the characters were even brought to life for a 15' and 30' TVC.

DDB New Zealand CEO, Justin Mowday, says working on The 72 Club campaign was incredibly rewarding and he was thrilled to see the generous response from Kiwis.

Says Mowday: "This campaign has been two years in the making, and it came about because two DDB people saw something that just wasn't right and decided to do something about it. To see it all come together and raise so much money for Lifeline has been immensely gratifying."

Sweetshop director, Dylan Pharazyn, says the team were proud to support such an important cause.Lifeline 72 Club Posters v2.jpg

Says Pharazyn: "I loved this script, the human connections felt warm and full of love. I hope we've brought this to life in a realistic and poignant film that's a celebration of a long life, well lived."

Glenda Schnell, executive director of Lifeline, says she has been overwhelmed by the support the campaign has received.

Says Schnell: "Lifeline wants to support all Kiwis so they can lead the best lives they can. Life can be a struggle for anyone, so its important people have access to our qualified staff and well-trained volunteers who listen, provide reassurance and suggest copingLifeline 72 Club Sleeve.jpg strategies when required."

"It was essenitial for us that The 72 Club campaign conveyed a message of hope and positivity, and you can see from the results both in terms of the final product and the funds raised that it did that. I want to thank the incredible teams at DDB, Sweetshop, NZME, and countless other suppliers that helped this amazing project come together. We believe talking saves lives, and you helped us talk at a volume that was impossible to ignore.

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: James Conner
Creative Director: Christie CooperLifeline 72 Club Tshirt.jpg
CEO: Justin Mowday
Lead Business Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Senior Business Director: Carly Pratt
Business Manager: Ravina Raju
Business Coordinator: Georgina Foot
Senior Planner: Anna Gunnell
Senior Planner: Damien Eames
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Producer: Alva Waldron
Senior Editor: Mike Hammond
Editor: Mark Trethewey
Editor: Dan Cummings
Audio Engineer: Dan Partington
Digital Director: Liz Knox
Senior Digital Producer: Lizzy Funaki
Head of Digital Design: Jason Vertongen
Digital Designer: Ashley Cook
Digital Developer: Emmanuel Ordorisio
Front End Developer: Paul Hutcheon
Digital Copywriter: Jacob Newton
Digital Art Director: Josep Jover
Motion Design: James Li
Digital Producer: Sheetal Pradhan
Developer: Mike McMillian
Social Planner: Liam Norris
Digital Campaign Manager: Nabell Dada
Studio/Production Director: Marcel de Ruiter
Print Producer: Amanda Summersby
Print Producer: Shelley Cousins
Retoucher: Gordon Moir
Senior Mac Designer: Nicole Dekker
Senior Mac Designer: Barry Cumming

Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Dylan Pharazyn
Producer: Larisa Tiffin
Managing Director: Fiona King
DOPs: Marty Williams, Adam Luxton
Editor: ARC EDIT
Post Production: Stuart Bedford, The Machine Room & John Baxter, Perceptual Engineering
Illustrator: Minky Stapleton
Photographer: Mat Baker
Assistant/Retoucher: Karl Baker
Talent: The Pinesongsters from Metlifecare Pinesong Retirement Village
 Records: Peter King Lathe Cut Records
 Mr Vintage: Rob Ewan

PR Agency: Mango Communications
Managing Director: Claudia Macdonald
General Manager: Sean Brown
Account Director: Max Burt
Account Executive: Isabelle Clarke

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