600-strong cast front Air New Zealand's largest scale safety video 'It's Kiwi Safety' via True NZ

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.37.32 am.jpgAir New Zealand's homegrown safety video It's Kiwi Safety has launched today via creative agency True and production company Exposure.
The safety video is backed by the soundtrack It's Kiwi a remake of the popular RUN-DMC song It's Tricky and In the Neighbourhood by Sisters Underground, produced by Josh Fountain of Auckland's Golden Age Studios.
It's Kiwi Safety is the largest scale safety video Air New Zealand has ever produced, with a 600-strong cast.  The video stars well-known Kiwi actor Julian Dennison, local musicians Kings, Theia and Randa as well as talent from 30 community groups across the country, including the Rewa All Stars dance crew from Auckland, surf lifesavers from Dunedin, curlers from Maniototo in Central Otago and the Mosgiel Brass Band.

The safety video was filmed at various New Zealand locations in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Balclutha, Hokitika, and Naseby in Central Otago.  It also features a number of Air New Zealanders including cabin crew, pilots, engineers, loaders and airline staff from Dunedin Airport.

Air New Zealand general manager global brand and content marketing Jodi Williams says this new safety video celebrates New Zealanders in a fun and energetic take on the airline's famous safety videos.
Says Williams: "It's Kiwi Safety is all about celebrating great Kiwi talent and the diverse groups which make up New Zealand, as well as a number of fantastic locations.  We know this video will make people proud to be New Zealanders - but will also showcase our unique Kiwi culture to the world.
"We've never had so many people in one safety video before or filmed in so many locations. It's also been great to change up our formula and do a safety video in the style of a music video.  We're sure everyone is going to love the remixed track It's Kiwi - while at the same time getting our key safety messages."
Air New Zealand's safety videos have collectively generated more than 157 million views online to date along with significant international media exposure.  It's Kiwi Safety is the 18th safety video where the airline has taken a creative approach.
The new safety video will be rolled out across the airline's fleet from today.
To celebrate its latest safety video Air New Zealand has also released its November Kia Ora inflight magazine with six different covers to showcase a number of the safety video's stars. This is the first time in the magazine's history the monthly publication has been released with six different covers.


Holy fark said:

That is just so so so so so fucking bad. Pull your heads in Air NZ - this is enough to choose (vomits in mouth a little) jetstar.

The Judge said:

I have to agree with Mr/Mrs/Ms Holy Fark.
This is quite cringeworthy.
AirNZ has (almost) singlehandedly raiises the bar for safety videos. All credit to them.
But with this effort they’ve become a parody of themselves.
I don’t care how many people were involved, sure it’s worthy and all that, but you’ve got to want to watch it over and over again.
AirNZ deserves better.

Oh Dear said:

Unbelievably bad. It's only redeeming feature would be that Randa got a payday.

Wow said:

What a trainwreck. It's one thing to slag off bad creative, but this is embarrassing on an international stage...

So cringeworthy said:

I couldn't even finish watching this - it's beyond cringeworthy. Give it up already!

Geeeeeeez said:

This makes me want to poke my eyes out. Air NZ trying too hard to be friendly & relevant.

Stop.This. Now. said:

The time has come.

I just said:


We know this will make people proud????? said:

You mean it'll make us want to puke. This is simply vile. We had to stop. Then we all slapped each other round the head and watched the Tide ad (that does make us proud), just so we could laugh at how ridiculously colourful and beautifully washed every item of the bad wardrobe is and keep going. We also grabbed a couple of airline sick bags for the weaker among us. And please, stop writing in Julian and thinking that immediately he'll turn your ad into a star. He's a star but he can't save every ad on tv. And he's on every ad on tv. It's the Rollesten/Vodafone effect all over again. Agent - Hold up the hand and say No More. One last thing. Rappers are wicked cos they do that for a job. Randa is better than that (not much but still). Writers trying to be rappers. Ouch. Terrible script to have to deal with. It's probably why gangster rap never went platinum with 'Buckle Up Your Seatbelt' Ghaaaaaastly. Ok, last thing. Sisters Underground. Big ups to those ladies. I'm going to take valium before I get on the flight now so hopefully I'll be knocked out before I'm forced to endure this is my face. In fact. Maybe @Holy Fark maybe it is Jetstar now. Air NZ - this one is a choke. Drops mike. Thanks Eminem

This is peak 2018 said:

"Let's use a brown guy and a gender-fluid person to remake a safety rap song that doesn't offend anyone. That'll show we're cool and progressive"

Flying Qantas said:

Fucking A... awful

P is for Platinum Qantas

Rob said:

If this were made in 1991 it still wouldn’t me cool.
How scary is that.

Drips Waste Water said:

Do the right thing. Put it in the bin.

airplanes are cancelled now said:

Don't they know that no one can listen to more than 10 seconds of the original 'RUN-DMC - It's Tricky' without having a psychic break. I think this warrants a complaint to the ASA on the plea of the mental health of the nation....HOWEVER, if this is actually a long-form play by Spotify to coax a massive surge in premium subscriptions then *hat tip* because it's somehow more caustic and confusing without a visual reference.

Noooooooo said:

Awful, embarrassing, cringeworthy. And those are its good points.

Please stop the nonsense Air NZ. Please. It's damaging you.

Do I know you? said:

@'We know this will make people proud?????' That you Mike?

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:


Regular Commuter said:

Help. Me. Please. No.

Blind Flyer said:

Im sight impaired and this was rubbish and a health and safety risk

I was just on a flight and I couldn't understand a single word in the music (if its called that) I had to ask my neighbour to tell me what was going on
at least with the older ones they were clear and succinct to listen to
Sort it out

Affluent middle aged director said:

Yeah I probably should not have directed this...

Norm said:

Couldn’t happen to a nicer agency.

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