Bestads Six of the Best reviewed by Jon Austin, executive creative director, Host/Havas, Sydney

Jon Headshot.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Jon Austin, executive creative director, Host/Havas, Sydney.

Winner: John Lewis: The Boy and the Piano. No surprises here. To be honest, I've found John Lewis ads a bit touch and go over the last few years. I was one of the few that thought the Man on the Moon was a high point, while the dog on a trampoline fell a bit flat. But, for me, this year completely delivers. It's a brilliantly crafted journey that resolves with one of the best Christmas messages I've seen for a long while: 'some gifts are more than just a gift'. I can't wait to see how else they bring that thought to life. READ ON...


Jonny James said:

I disagree, John Lewis' Boy & the Piano may tell a good story, but it falls short in my opinion as it comes across privileged, and because of this falls short in delivering an inspiring Christmas message. However, I loved Lidl's piggy back response which had me in stitches!

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