Piako yoghurt targets female shoppers in newly launched outdoor campaign via Contagion

piako[5] (1).jpgSome things are delicious and then there's Piako, which is absolutely irresistible. This truth was the foundation of the idea for the new outdoor campaign launched by Contagion and Fonterra this week.

With the female shopper firmly in mind, Contagion also crafted insight-based lines for the lids and tops of the new 500g yoghurt range.

Says Bridget Taylor, ECD, Contagion: "The campaign is based on the lengths people will go, to get their hands on these delicious flavours. To make it even more impactful, we concepted to make a standard media, look like a special builds."

Agency: Contagion
ECD/Creative: Bridget Taylor/Todd McCracken
Senior Client Partner: Carla Tamahori
Planner:  Laura Davies
Designer/Art Director:  Mike MacKinven
Photographer: Paul Jones
Fonterra Client: Caroline Taku, Margaret O'Sullivan


Charlie said:

In what way is "... the female shopper firmly in mind" in this piece of creative? And what does "... we concepted to make a standard media, look like a special builds" even mean?

Dee said:

Great strategic thinking. Looks like a special build at the cost of standard media. Well done Bridget and Todd.

The Judge said:

Briefs that stress ‘irresistible’ are always difficult.
It’s a well trodden field.
Twice before in recent years I’ve had a client (and an account director) say that a smashed glass approach with the product either consumed or stolen is a great idea for a product similar to this (and, I imagine, same media plan).
You always have to be polite when you refuse their suggestions stating that their idea has been done to death a million times before.
Personally, I would’ve dropped the ‘it’s that good’ line as it’s unnecessary and won’t be read by a car zooming by. But, perhaps the client asked to add it in case the female target market didn’t understand the idea.
Still, nice to see an up and coming brand going mainstream and backing themselves in the crowded premium yoghurt category.

BishBashBosh said:

Nah, it's not that good.

A Man said:

I'm glad they targeted the female shopper. As A Man I would rather munch the rotting carcass of a dead donkey than eat yoghurt.

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