V Energy re-releases the beloved V Black for devoted fan Jordan Tini in new campaign via 99

VBlack.Jordan.1[2].jpgFor years fans have been relentless in their demand to bring the Black variant of V back to shelves. While doing some market research, V discovered that their most devoted fan had never even tried it. What better way to say thanks to a great fan than to bring it back, not just for him, but all the V fans?

You would be hard pressed to find a fan more passionate than Jordan Tini is with V. He knows every flavour and new release.

Sadly, one of his biggest regrets is he never got to try V Black, a flavour no longer available on shelves. He knows from the constant Facebook comments demanding its return that he missed out on something awesome.

So when the V team met him during some market research and discovered this oversight, they knew bringing V Black back was the least they could do to say thanks to such a loyal fan. A few weeks later he was invited back and became the first person in years to try V Black. With the first gulp, he realised V Black tasted even better than he dreamed it would be: "It tastes like V, but if V had taken another V!"

Be part of Jordan's crusade at facebook.com/venergynz.

VBlack.Jordan.2.jpgVBlack.Jordan.3[2].jpgWith his newfound favourite, V then offered Tini the opportunity to become the V Black evangelist - starting a crusade to spread the word to the rest of New Zealand to try the new limited-time V Black so no one would miss out like he did. HeVBlack.Jordan.4[2].jpg wouldn't just be the face of the campaign, but running it as well.

VBlack.KeyVisual[2].jpgSays Jared Isle, digital creative director, 99: "We couldn't have dreamed of finding a better person to build a campaign around. He speaks an authentic V language we could never emulate and as a natural talent in social and digital it was a thrill to just let him loose spreading the word of V Black's return."

The 6 week campaign focuses on Tini calling on fellow V Black fans in helping him with his crusade to get everyone in NZ to try the energy drink before it's taken off the shelves again. Partnering with a collaborative agency team that includes 99, Raydar, OMD and Fuse, and the content production team The Workshop, has allowed Tini to work in a nimble and responsive way, producing multiple content pieces every week of the campaign.

Head Creative: Jordan Tini
Strategy, Creative: 99
Client Service, Creative, Design: Raydar
Content: Fuse
Media Strategy and Implementation: OMD
Content Production: The Workshop
Marketing Manager Energy: Natasha Keene
Brand Manager: Joanna Kelly

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