2degrees appoints TBWA as new agency

2degrees-logo.jpg2degrees has today announced the appointment of TBWA, in a move that connects two brands who look to disrupt the market.

Says Roy Ong, chief brand and insights officer, 2degrees: "In the last week we've had a sharp focus on the task at hand. It's an important decision to get right. We're proud of who we are: a challenger brand which has transformed how Kiwis communicate every day, a fabulous team and an awesome set of values that guide how we work.

"TBWA showed us a super talented team, that is excited about delivering great things, together. They're passionate and hungry to make a difference for our business. They were with us at the start when we launched, and we're delighted they'll be by our side in 2019 as we celebrate our 10th birthday."
The newly formed TBWA partnership of Catherine Harris, managing director of TBWA Group and Shane Bradnick, chief creative officer was instrumental to the win.
Says Harris: "A lot of Kiwis are still unhappy with their Telco and there is a real desire out there for a telco who can disrupt the market and fight what's unfair. We share a belief in disruption and we're excited to welcome 2degrees back to TBWA, which is where it all began for them."


The Judge said:

Well done Shane and the team. What a way to end the year.

Back to the past said:

More luck than good management surely

Yeah boi said:

The Shane effect. Well done!

Great news said:

Congratulations to Shane and the 2degrees team. You'll kill it together.

Surprised said:

When isn't 2degrees appointing a new agency these days?

Hilarious said:

I often have things in my freezer that have been there longer than 2Degrees have been with their last agency.

Seriously. Time for adland to show some backbone. Next time they pitch out their business - lets be optimistic, and say August 2019 - we should all tell them to get f*cked.

@ Surprised and Hilarious said:

Don’t think they chose to pitch, they got dumped by their agency. What should they have done? Not gone to another angency?

Crazy said:

What company changes agencies on the last day of a CMO tenure? TBWA did the best ever work for 2d back in the day. But the new CMO will probably ditch them just as quick.

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