Stickman's cousin Snowy visits NZ for Christmas in PAK'nSAVE's latest campaign via FCB NZ

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 6.37.53 am.jpgHaving your relatives visit over Christmas can be pretty testing. Luckily for Stickman, he and his cousin Snowy the Snowman are good buddies.

This is Snowy's first trip to New Zealand so since his arrival, he and Stickman have been touring the country asking PAK'nSAVE social media followers for tips on where to visit with the hashtag #SnowyVisitsNZ.

Says Peter Vegas, creative director, FCB: "Snowy's planning on visiting for at least six weeks as there's so much of this beautiful country that he wants to see. Although keeping him refrigerated is causing a problem - especially during trips to the beach."

Leisa Wall, FCB creative director and Vegas' creative partner added that Stickman is taking his Christmas duties very seriously.

Says Wall: "Christmas is a big responsibility to carry on one person's shoulders and Stickman has very small shoulders so we're glad Snowy's here to help."

Stickman and Snowy's adventures can be followed across PAK'nSAVE's Facebook along with a series of hilarious new Christmas ads launching throughout December.

Snowy finds himself in a number of amusing situations, including a romantic encounter with stick lady Shannon under the mistletoe.

As well as TV and social, the fully integrated campaign will run across radio, digital and also include POS and out of home.


BishBashBosh said:

Is anyone else tired of this campaign and its excruciating puns or is it just me?

Rudolph said:

@BishBashBosh - just you bro

@Rudloph said:

tbh i am too.

Get Over Yourselves said:

What's to be tired of? An enduring campaign platform that brings some much needed personality to the other rubbish that's out there? Especially within the category. Kiwis love Stickman. And obviously the client does too. Just because you don't, or have fooled yourselves into thinking you could come up with something better doesn't mean anything other than the fact that your head is too far up your own arse. I wish I'd come up with something as lasting as this.

BishBashBosh said:

Calm down, calm down.

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