Ogilvy illustrates the suffocating effect of Asthma

ASTHMA.pngOgilvy New Zealand placed inserts inside the plastic covers of 10,000 subscription magazines, demonstrating the suffocating effect that Asthma has on New Zealand children.



Anonymous said:

good. very good

Amar Trivedi said:

An opportunity cleverly seized. A breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said:

Ogilvy are doing some great work recently.......

Anonymous said:

Fully agree with 9.04pm.

Good to see a lot of really nice work coming out of Ogilvy...

Anonymous said:

Hello Ogilvy people

This is a good ad--it's certainly going to take people by surprise.

Anonymous said:

The best thing to come out of Ogilvy recently was Jeremy Taine.

Anonymous said:

This image reminds me of the the time I lost my virginity. And the time I found a dead girl in the park.

Tim said:

This is why you don't put stuff on adsoftheworld.

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