DDB raids Colenso BBDO for two new creative teams and takes on top ranked Adschool team

Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 9.13.14 AM.jpgReflecting a good year, DDB New Zealand - which has ended 2011 as the #1 ranked agency in the world on Bestads this year - has hired six new team members within the creative department.

Jay Hunt (far left) and Pete Gosselin (near left), previously at Colenso BBDO, have come onboard full time after a four month spell as freelancers. The duo met at Falmouth College in the UK in 2004. They have worked at some of London's top agencies including Lowe, M&C Saatchi and Leo Burnett before moving to New Zealand last year. They have worked on major brands including Tesco, Stella Artois, Natwest, Westpac, Kellogg's, Coke, Nike, Vodafone, Anchor, Yellow and Honda.
Their list of creative achievements includes being Big Won's #7 and #8 Creatives in the UK in 2011 and creating the Gunn Report's 2nd most awarded ad worldwide in 2009.

Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 9.13.51 AM.jpgJunior team, Sasha Arandelovic (near left) and Kevin Bachtiar (far left), has also joined DDB from Colenso BBDO.  The young team won AUT Creative Team of the Year 2010 and were winners of the Anno 'State of Design' Student Competition 2010. Their work for NZ International Comedy Fest gained huge kudos in the industry. "Sasha and Kevin work hard and produce grown up ideas, pretty impressive considering they're only 12,"says Schofield.

The final two are Jake Barnes and Liz Richards, this year's top performing Adschool team who won the inaugral DDB Scholarship, a fully salaried three month internship starting in January 2012.

Says DDB creative director Chris Schofield: "Jay and Pete get funny and humour is a big part of what DDB does. Their Vodafone 'Double Rainbow' spot really stood out last year. They have freelanced at DDB for a few months and have quickly made themselves invaluable to the place. The only disappointment is their names. They're the wrong way round. Pete sounds like an English name and Jay sounds Canadian. After some serious negotiations I'm pleased to say they're happy to swap, which is good of them really."


Nice Headline said:

If they're all free agents, free lancing, then it's not a raid. Is it? Holy smoke, the spin doctor is working overtime at DDB again.

Cringe said:

"humour is a big part of what DDB does." But not in press releases apparently.

Creative Refugee said:

Well they're Poms, so they must be good.

Jay and Pete said:

Congrats boys! Also, I love the pic! Super cute!


Chris said:

Wonder if the secret behind the success of DDB is sending twice as many PR releases than any other agency?

Douglas Faudet said:

Not much Christmas cheer in good old NZ for DDB. A top performing agency in every conceivable way for over two decades. You don't need PR to be this good, but why not share your success? In the DDB global stakes DDB NZ is a top three performer. And I am personally very happy about that.

Merry Christmas to all of you at DDB NZ.

Hang on.. said:

being made redundant from Colenso then being hired by DDB is hardly a raid.

Wasn't just an illusion that the grass was greener, it is greener. said:

Congratulations, happy for you lads your now at an agency that appreciates your work.

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