Toyota NZ launches new 'Feels Good Inside' TVC for its Toyota Corolla via Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

cat.jpgToyota New Zealand and Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand have launched the all-new 2013 Toyota Corolla with a romantic story between a love-struck cat and a feel-good car.

The campaign launched exclusively online to the Toyota Facebook community this week and then aired during Toyota's partnership with "New Zealand's Got Talent" on TV ONE on Sunday night.

Corolla_Image_2.jpgSays Corey Chalmers and Guy Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi creative directors: "Anyone who's taken a cat in a car ride knows how much they hate it, so we thought what lengths would a cat go to for a ride if they loved it?  We hope that everyone enjoys this little hyperbolic story and it gives New Zealanders a Hero_Image.jpgsense of the great feeling you get in the all new Corolla."

The campaign is rolling out across multiple TV spots, Facebook, YouTube, Print, Outdoor, and Point of Sale over the next 6 months.

Client - Toyota NZ
General Manager Of Marketing - Neeraj Lala
Marketing Manager - Andrew Davis
New Vehicles Marketing Team Leader - Michael Shepherd

Agency - Saatchi & Saatchi NZ
ECD - Antonio Navas
CDs/Creatives - Corey Chalmers & Guy Roberts
Co-creatives - Sarah Litwin-Schmid & Emily Drake
Head of Content - Jane Oak
Head of Planning - Murray Streets
GAD - Mark Cochrane
AD - Emma Guadagni
Media Director - Sally Falconer
Production Company - GoodOil
Director - Hamish Rothwell
Producer - Sam Long
DOP - Crichton Bone
Editor - Peter Sciberras
Online - Blockhead - Nigel Mortimer
Audio Post - Liquid Studios
Music Composition - Elliott Wheeler
Music Production - Turning Studios
Audio Post Production - Liquid
Sound Engineer - Craig Matuschka
Animal Trainer - Caroline Girdlestone
Media Agency - Starcom
PR Agency - Wright Communications
Digital Agency - Aim Proximity Wellington


lol said:

Saw it last night.
Lieked it.

WP said:

Love it. So will New Zealand.

My mum wants to know said:

Could someone explain what happens at the end of this ad? Mum is confused. HOw does it get back in the car, and out of its cage?

Confused said:

So why does cat love car so?

Anonymous said:

Great work Toyota and Saatchi.

Urmm said:

Yip, I'm confused. The cat looks angry not happy when (I think) it looks lovingly at the console. And, if the cat loves the inside so much why, then why does it have it's head out the window at the end of the ad?

Simon Cowell said:

Sorry, but it's going to be a no from me. Cats, animals, turtles in ads are quite an easy sell. But this isn't up there with the best of them.

C'est la vie said:

What's with the soundtrack?
And did the cat move from the exploding RAV4 household?

woof said:

who cares what cats think?

The Grey Ghost said:

Confused, shame on you. Isn't it obvious why the cat loves the car? The car is called "Christine" and the previous owner was Stephen King who used to visit the Pet Semetary. Sheesh, you're thick.

Watchman said:

Its good-but not great, why?

Hmmmmm said:

Great spot!

Good ad-ish said:

Should have been for Prius, at least nature link

bronze! said:

It's ok, but again just feels a bit dated, cats with nine lives feels a bit old hat too. Preferred the Hilux one they did. And the recent VW one with the dog and the vet.

haters gonna hate said:

I liking the original thinking here. You ad people are really smart.

Lissa said:

It is hilarious. Come on peeps! Esp the covered in concrete look. It made me lol.

same same said:

Isn't this the same idea as the Tiger beer reincarnation ad?

Timmy G said:

Where's the turtle boys?

Even though I prefer dogs said:

It's just plain funny, shows the car in a great light, and is memorable. Well done.

Josh said:

The creatives will be pleased. Doesn't do much for Toyota though. The car. What car?

Cat lover said:

Love it. Nice work. Meow.

bobthebuilder said:

finally an ad that isn't trying to be "overtly Kiwi"

Hark said:

...the time tunnel has reopened from SS AK to SS Wgtn 15 years ago.

Too bad thinking has moved on ...

Wow said:

Seen the Aussie blog comments anyone. Guess this blogs the one with the sadhole sourpusss!

Rufus said:

Great ad ... hilarious and very clever! Have seen the ad once but remembered it was advertising Corolla ... Allorac the cat ... Corolla backwards. Maybe the ad had extra appeal as our cat is a ginger Persian who has recently been shaved.

Have to say said:

When I first saw this on the blog I went ... oh yeah...that's ok...I saw it on TV last night. I laughed out loud. This is very funny. It's a great's grown on me. Compared to most of the crap on Telly it stood out as a great, entertaining spot. Nice work. Great execution from Hamish too.

Marj said:

Disgusting - why keep using poor animals

@catlover said:

I think this ad is extremly unrealistic my family was shocked and horrified by the bad taste toyota shows with this ad. my cat loves riding in fords, land rovers,mercedes but not toyotas. Maybe it is just stupid people and their cats that drive toyotas? I shall never buy a toyota.

Animal rights activist said:

Not a great ad from my point of view. Why use animals and abuse combined? I see your point however very far fetched and unrealistic. Use a child and see the reaction.

Jules said:

Love it, too funny. The cat's expression priceless

Meriana said:

Brilliant ad..loved it..Saatchi & Saatchi you are the gurus of ads yet rock!

Lovecatlady said:

Stupid ad. I don't like it , poor cat been using by stupid people and they think this is great job , please , ,

Clemencey Newton said:

I love cats, and wouldn't hurt an animal. This ad is brilliant in its cleverness and macarbe sense of humour..... and loving the new one with the cat locking the door from the inside of the car. Outstanding work to the Satchi and Satchi and of course the star of the ad!! Bravo

Roger Evans said:

Great ad. But where can I find a copy of the sequel- where the cat locks itself inside the car and re-locks it each time the owner tries to use the remote? Have seen it only once.

Fox Toyota said:

Great ad! A little different, but still very exciting and something that I haven't seen done yet.

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