Farewell to The Media Design School's 2012 AdSchool class at end of year portfolio show

MDS-Andy Fackrell at MDS AdSchoolnigt.jpgBy Kate Humphries
Programme Leader of Creative Advertising
Media Design School

With 17 males to 5 females it's been a bit of a testosterone packed year, but now its time for a few oestrogen-laden tears from us as we bid a fond farewell to The Media Design School's 2012 AdSchool class.

A big thank you to each and every person who attended our end of year portfolio show on Wednesday night; the students were genuinely pleased that so many people not only turned up, but also generously took the time to go through and critique their portfolios. 
MDS AdSchoolnite 2.jpgMSS AdSchoolnite 3.jpgOne day on from the show, half the class have already secured placements, with two teams signing up for a 4-month trial on junior wage salaries and two more teams about to receive strong financial help with both the DDB Scholarship placement and the Marsden Inch scholarship due to be announced today.  

Truckloads of good karma to The Nathan Club for letting us have our show in such a cool venue, and a gigantic thank-you card to Marsden Inch for helping out with the bar tab. 

We'll leave you now to ponder on the question as to whether or not being a dickhead is cool with THIS VIDEO.


john said:

Of course agencies are only too keen to give students placements - it means people willing to work for next to nothing.

kate said:

Please read carefully. That's two agencies starting them on a junior's salary and the DDB scholarship placement also means that another team will be starting out on a junior's salary.

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