ANZ promises a lot 'more' in the final phase of integrated campaign via Whybin\TBWA, Auckland

Screen shot 2012-11-19 at 12.18.31 PM.jpgThe final stage of the campaign to launch the new ANZ, following the coming together of the ANZ and National Bank brands, is entering the market, via Whybin\TBWA, Auckland.

The campaign has had three phases: farewell to the National Bank brand, the union of the two brands with the 'Power of Two' message and now the launch of the new ANZ concentrating on 'More'.

The final phase of this integrated campaign is led by extensive outdoor advertising and a 30 second TVC, which sets out what customers can now expect from the new ANZ - more expertise, more people in more places, more convenience and more smart ways to bank.

Screen shot 2012-11-19 at 12.03.55 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-11-19 at 12.03.30 PM.jpgThe outdoor campaign is one of the largest ever undertaken in the banking category with high profile billboard sites, bus wraps, bus backs and adshels in main centres, plus regional press and retail advertising throughout the country.

"Communicating the brand change and launch of the new ANZ has been a massive undertaking. We're playing a long game but so far things are going really well.

Initially we needed to reassure customers that the great service and the people they deal with would remain the same. Now we've come together we can do more for all of our customers. We've got more people in more communities throughout the country than any other bank. The "More" campaign is the start of telling this story," says Matthew Pickering, Head of Retail Marketing for ANZ.

Says David Walden Whybin\TBWA CEO: "Bringing the new ANZ to life has been a fantastically challenging and exciting project. It's not often you're able to participate in a project of this scale in New Zealand. It's been demanding but incredibly satisfying and we are really proud of the way in which the campaign has rolled out. As an agency group we are thrilled to be able to continue to use our extensive expertise and knowledge in the financial sector for our client ANZ."

Chairman of the Whybin\TBWA Group and Creative Director: Scott Whybin
Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood
Production Company: Film Graphics
Director: David Denneen
Producer: Margot Ger (WHYBIN\TBWA Melbourne)
Creative Group Heads: Chris Childerhouse, Carl Lough
Digital CD: Ross Howard
Group Head: Jodi Willocks
Account Directors: Frith Morrissey, Rebecca Verhulst
Senior Account Managers: Victoria Meo, Amanda Green
ANZ - Client Credits
Head of Marketing: Mike Cunnington
Head of Retail Marketing: Matthew Pickering
Senior Marketing Manager: Erin Dudding


Esther said:

After all that time in the incubator and all we get is "more"? I feel robbed. Actually, it's a bank ad so that feeling is probably quite appropriate

Over it said:

Please tell me - when are we going to get respite from all the ANZ communications?
We get it already!!! We understand!! You don't have to yell your message at us every minute of the day. Personally I loathe the TVC's with the Australian actor with and American accent. These commercials mean nothing to me except ' Ideas made in Australia for the poor cousins across the ditch because there is no other culture in NZ except Australian European and it's cheaper this way'.

Now that I am forced to bank with the ANZ (and look at that Alien logo everyday) then at least present me with a little NZ flavour. Local ideas and actors would be a great start.

Woop! said:

Great. As a consumer I'm always on the lookout for the third phase. Thanks for announcing it to me. Could you let me know what phase the Westpac campaign is in? I reckon it's in the second phase, but could be wrong. And, a hint, lookout for the recent AA campaign, I got trapped between the first and second phase this weekend. It could have ended badly had it not been for a strange teaser walking by.

Oh dear said:

Strange to think that people from College Hill want to leave their jobs to work on this stuff. When will it end?

Tim P said:

these spots are the worst ads on TV. Even my wife cringes when that "Twat" from the mentalist comes on with his smug attitude.

make it stop

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