How DraftFCB New Zealand taught three dogs to drive - the amazing SPCA/Mini case study

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 9.14.02 AM.jpgCB Exclusive - New Zealand SPCA, MINI and DraftFCB Auckland asked: Can you teach a dog to drive? And after Porter, a 10 month old beardie cross successfully drove a MINI Countryman down a road and turned a corner last Monday night in New Zealand, the answer is a resounding 'yes'.

The project, which began two months ago, was an effort to raise the profile of shelter and rescue dogs, and focused on three pooches, Monty, Porter and Ginny, who underwent a training process to teach them new tricks.



Cat Lover said:

No doubt it's brilliant. No doubt it will win a plethora of awards. But here's the rub - they chose the three cutest dogs at the SPCA. Unless you want anything crossed with a child-eating Pitbull, there are no more like these three. False advertising?

Cool said:

Fucking epic!

False Advertising said:

Hee's the rub Cat Lover. You're wrong.

Anonymous said:

I agree - Cat Lover you are definitely wrong!! They have plenty of cute dogs at the SPCA!

Cat Lover said:

Here's the rub. Same dogs still available for adoption since the campaign started. Not a raging success you'd have to say.

Snoop said:

Here's the rub Cat Lover. All three dogs are gone, and more. Just trying to flog the kittehs now. Gold.

Sour puss said:

Whats wrong Cat Lover? Not feeling the Xmas spirit? Go have some cat nip and chill out.

We get it said:

Great campaign but stop with the pr already - we've seen it

Rory said:

Cat lover, stop being a dick.

It's the best thing to come out in ages, the spca got hundreds turning up to their Manukau shelter on the weekend to watch it live (when was the last time that happened) and shelters the world over got a bit of extra attention at the time they need it most - Christmas. You really couldn't ask for much more.

Well done Regan and Drafters.

Connan said:

It's bloody brilliant.

After seeing it last night my wife bemoaned the fact that we already had two dogs. Otherwise we'd have been straight out to get more. Great result for SPCA and Mini.

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