Data is the new rich in Telecom's latest 'Giganaire' campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand

Giganaire 1 LR.jpgFollowing Telecom New Zealand's announcement that it will be offering customers Unlimited Broadband Data plans, Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a new creative campaign 'Giganaire'.
Created from the insight that data is now the new 'rich' for many New Zealanders, the campaign, which first aired on Sunday night as a 2.30 roadblock TVC, is a playful look at the ways in which our data needs have evolved.

Giganaire 2 LR.jpgThe term 'Giganaire' was coined by Saatchi & Saatchi creative director Slade Gill. It is defined as someone who is rolling in data or gigabytes. Somebody who lives the digital high life through a never-ending flow of connections and cultural content.
Says Gill: "No matter who you are, or where you live, access to more data leaves you feeling super flush. It's the best kind of freedom. So we thought we'd play off that insight, using a genre that is synonymous with flaunting your wealth and living it up.
"With content-rich applications like Spotify, OnDemand and Skype now becoming life essentials, access to data has become a modern day form of 'keeping up with the Joneses'."
Giganaire 4 LR.jpgSays Jason Paris, COO of Telecom Retail: "We're seeing demand for fixed broadband data increase at around 80-90% year-on-year, as New Zealanders fundamentally change how they live to do more and more online. Many of our customers are now doing everything online, from watching TV shows to playing games with friends to shopping to talking to Gran. This means for the average Kiwi data is an increasingly valued commodity - the new "rich" you could say." 

The rap is the creative collaboration between Manu Walters and Eden Jouavel of the Super Villains and Slade Gill and Brad Collett of Saatchi & Saatchi.

The campaign will run as a 60" and 30" TVC as well as pre-rolls, radio, OOH and digital. 

Telecom New Zealand
COO of Telecom Retail: Jason Paris
Communications Manager: Daimler Teves
Communications Executive: Nikora Walters
Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas
Creative Director: Slade Gill
Creative Group Head: Brad Collett
TV Producer: Anna Kennedy
Business Director: Ben Fielding
Account Director: Anastasia Potter
Planner: Janisa Parag
Studio Manager: Tias Somers
Senior Designer: Rob Flynn
Production Company: Curious
Director: Robin Walters
Producer: Dan Higgins
DOP: Chris Mauger
Editor: Luke Haigh
Grade: Pete Ritchie
Online: Mike Robinson
Music: Manu Walters & Eden Jouavel
Mastering: Peter Van Der Fluit, Manu Walters, Eden Jouavel
Sound Studio: Liquid Studios
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Casting: Catch Casting


What said:

What, what, what the shit?

Yikes said:

One of my favourite comments from one of your customers on Facebook:

"WTF did I just watch? I wanted to punch my screen. Please never play that on TV.... That was just plain awful."

Haha said:

A parody on a parody!? can someone explain this crime on our senses?

With respect to all parties; said:

All hang your heads in deep shame and pray for forgiveness.

Yo said:

What? Yeah! I love it.

Clever Comment said:

Someone should cap their ass.

Optional said:

What a total faceplant. I actively hate this ad.

If you ever needed an example of that phenomenon where tryhards cherry pick pop culture references to try and hang with the kids – this is it.

"Giganaire" is as stupid as they think it is clever. "Giga rich" is not tongue in cheek, it's racist.

Good god. How does shit like this get past one, let alone the forty five people credited with its creation.

James said:

Awful - In every way.

wutang said:

soooo good

... said:

Giga please...

Puff Pater said:

Hey, Optional-dawg, how is Giga Rich racist? Just asking, since you seem to be so clever and shit.

A... said:


Seriously. This is really horrible.

White Boy said:

Giga Rich parallels N***a Rich - a term to describe blinged-up rappers and dealers in the US. That's what is drawing the accusations of racism. But really, is it?
Stereotyping is the more acceptable slap-down.
Tired and lazy creative thinking for sure, but racist? Nah.

Calm down eggs said:

Its awesome.

White boy's Dad said:

Not racist, just appalling in all respects. Shame.

Cringe said:

This so shit on so many levels, but at the very least make your god awful parody up to date. The whole thing looks like it was done about 10 years ago. Zero points to everyone involved.

Ho Chi Minh Beard said:

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Cody's Drinker said:

This really resonates with my target market.

But why didn't they just 'Mix it with ice'

Alan Smithee said:

An aging tel-co, in an attempt to stay relevant, humourlessly emulates the white middle class who are in turn emulating a corrupt and materialistic version of Black American youth culture.

We as a species have stagnated and this is yet more proof. Time for the cats to make their move. At this point even a creature that cleans its genitalia with it's own mouth has more dignity than us.

The term 'Giganaire' was coined by Saatchi & Saatchi creative director........ said:

Who was never seen again.

Almost as good as Abstaingate.

Keep it up Scratchis! You're making us all look so much better than we actually are!

and said:

he's a "Ginganaire"!!!

Chill Winston! said:

It's not that bad. It makes me laugh more than Family Health Diaries, Countdown's windback or those appalling 2 Degrees billboards.

Puff Pater said:

Will they like this in the real NZ? Probably. Job done. Next....

the internet said:


Jealous said:

lot of transparent haters out there for something we all know is exceptional work
just work harder

@jealous said:

This is not exceptional work. It is passable work that exposes itself badly in a 2:30 cut. Only the best ideas can justify that amount of time, and you'd suspect there wouldn't be anywhere near as much brouhaha if this was just a 30. The wankfest PR blurb didn't help either.

Mr 100% said:

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior

Optional Dawg said:

How is "giga rich" racist?

Either it's deliberately supposed to be a play on the term "nigger rich" which is about as racist as you can get, or it's a a terribly unfortunate coincidence but still racist.

Could someone explain how it could be not construed as racist?

Rock Hudson said:

You guys are whack.

I liked it.

Hock Rudson said:

It's shit. Now everybody move on.

Shudder said:

Cringe level through the roof. Please take it somewhere far away.

Hex said:

It seems entirely pointless to be offering high speed services and unlimited data when Telecom are simply unable to provide these services to their customers.

Seriously ... I live in Hamilton, 8 mins from the CBD and I'm stuck with third world ADSL at stupidly low speeds because Chorus refuse to upgrade the network in the St Andrews suburb.

And, across town in East Hamilton ... same scenario is playing out.

Now, can it be 'entirely by chance' that if I lived in a 'red' ward and had a Labour MP that I could have VDSL or even fibre?

JBeez said:

well i liked it and didnt find it offensive, but each to their own I guess

Jess said:

What is it that he says at the end of the ad when he's checking his "Gigabalance"?

Got more gigz than a curry got chilli. PSSSSSSSST said:

What the hell this ad is amazing and so fucking funny. You guys need to stop hating and enjoy the humour of this ad. Really catchy tune as well.

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