Y&R New Zealand appoints Gavin Siakimotu and Guy Denniston in joint creative director roles

Gavin.jpgCB Exclusive - Y&R NZ has appointed Gavin Siakimotu (top left) and Guy Denniston (bottom left) as joint CDs of Y&R Auckland, henceforth to be known as Guv.

With a combined 30 years in the industry Siakimotu and Denniston are two of the very best creatives in NZ. They both haveGuy.jpg exemplary track records for award-winning effective work across multiple blue chip brands including VW, Steinlager, Sky, NZ Lotteries, McDonalds, Goodman Fielder, Coca-Cola, Hallensteins, Speight's and Greenpeace.

Two exceptional recent examples of their work as individuals are Steinlager's Be the Artist and Greenpeace's Oil on Canvas.

Says Steve Kane, MD at Y&R NZ: "Having worked with both these creative heavy weights in the past I have every confidence they will significantly add to the diversity of the work we deliver to our clients. They are both phenomenally talented and extremely humble which is a rarity in any industry and makes them a delight to work with."
Says Josh Moore, CEO and CCO at Y&R NZ: "Y&R NZ's creative work is increasingly focused on product and mobile innovation, it's the creative opportunities that this new media offers that's a powerful draw card for attracting serious senior talent like Guy and Gav.

"The whole agency is very excited about working with these guys and seeing what the combination of the two will deliver for our growing client list."

Says Siakimotu: "Having been with DDB my entire working life, it was high time to be snared or lured and I couldn't think of a better agency to be snared or lured by than Y&R. Josh has put a brilliant team together and I'm looking forward to the new opportunities as well as a new acronym on my resume. And, of course, no press release can be complete without the words thrilled and excited."

Says Denniston: "I started my career at Y&R, so this is somewhat of a homecoming for me. The sort of homecoming where your family has moved out, the house is completely different and there's a bunch of randoms living there. Enthusiastic, energetic and talented randoms.

"I reckon moving back in will be fun."


Gav fan said:

nice move kid.

Sinking ship said:

Good on ya Gav. Who's next to jump from DDB.

Y&R&HAIR said:

With a coupla haircuts like that - you can be sure the work will be top notch.

gg said:

Extremely humble.

RP. said:

Jeeesus, Kiwis are obsessed about being and appearing humble and "fitting in"...whatever that means. As long as they do the work, job done. Reminds me of a NZ cricket coach from days gone by who wouldn't select a player because he supposedly didn't fit in. The fact that the guy had scored a double century on his test
debut was obviously irrelevant.
NZ needs a few extroverted, non humble people to keep it lively.

Confused said:

What exactly will they work on at Y&R? Metservice billboards?

RP: agreed said:

RP Is right! In the country we cloak our success and desire to be in total humble bullshit! BTW–Congrats Gav and Guy.

Tap Tap Boom said:

Gavin is humble because I humbled him on the fooseball table for almost half a century. Tap Tap Boom, Big Saks.

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