Quitline and Māori Television target hard to reach group in new anti-smoking advertising campaign

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.44.47 am.jpgMāori Television has produced a hard-hitting advertising campaign for Quitline, aimed at encouraging smokers to quit.

Māori Television's advertising head of department, Toni Urlich developed the creative, and uses children, mimicking their parents' smoking behaviour.

The first execution of the campaign, titled 'Crayons' will screen on mainstream television from 1st September.

Says Paula Snowden, Quitline CEO: "Māori Television has been the perfect partner for us for this campaign. Their genuine understanding of Māori and those in high deprivation populations gives a very real dimension to the advertisements which we are sure will resonate with the target audience."

Research carried out prior to the campaign being produced showed the target group are not that concerned about the long term effects on their health or the cost of cigarettes, however they are very concerned about their children taking up smoking and feel guilty that they are role-modelling this behaviour.

Actor, Kahukore Bell who gave up smoking straight after the production of the TVCs says she recognised herself in the campaign and she does not want her young daughter to think smoking is normal because Mum does it.

Client -  Quitline
Paul Snowden  - CEO
Sarah Woods  - Communications Manager
Creative Agency - Māori Television
Production Company - Māori Television
Toni Urlich - Creative, EP
Greg Mayor - Director
Valentine Taylor - Producer
Richard Parsonson - DP
Ella Henry - Creative


Haami said:

Nice one. Not gimmicky or overtly judgmental like the other Quitline advertising.

I hope the spot is aired beyond Maori TV - the message will resonate with all smokers.

Example A said:

I was prepared to hate this, but I actually thought it was pretty good.

Direction of kids can be a pain in the arse, but I think by getting the kids to take the piss out of parents they manage to avoid any cringe-worthy acting.

Good work client and MTV.

Nice said:

I liked it, but I don't think it needed the last line. Just a long pause on the little girl was powerful enough.

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