Audi New Zealand launches new 360° automotive video experience on Facebook via FCB Media

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.41.19 pm.jpgAudi New Zealand has launched its first 360° video experience via Facebook and also integrated the 360° function into pre-roll activity across Mediaworks' platforms.  This is also a first for the automotive category.

Says Fiona Woolley, marketing director at Audi New Zealand: "Innovation is at the heart of Audi so the brand is always looking to bring this into our use of media. For the A4 in particular, 360° video allows people to remotely explore the innovative interior features such as the virtual cockpit.

"Our research shows that the A4 holds appeal for both existing and "new-to-brand" customers, some of whom won't have been inside an Audi before, so this approach allows them to experience the interior as part of their research process."

In addition to the Facebook and the MediaWorks deployment, Audi's media partner FCB Media has added interactive hotspots to deepen engagement and drive conversion.

Says Kate Grigg, digital director, FCB Media: "360° video has multiple benefits over other traditional forms of video. For the right brand and task, they offer a brilliant combination of immersion and discovery, coupled with the ability to tightly target this to the right audiences. It
gives the viewer control over how they experience the ad and - right now - they've still got that novelty factor that stops thumbs."


ann ominous said:

not sure why this would be regarded as innovative or indeed 'a first in the automotive category'. is it because the car appears to be a flying car? is the a4 a flying car! if so, i'm clapping like a sea-lion. if not, Audi marketing director: perhaps consider biting the bullet and come up with an actual marketing plan that would involve paying for some actual adverts or something? (as opposed to merely re-purposing some '360º video experience' guff from the Heidelberg dealership website?). i bet you and your agency can do better.

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