Netflix + Spark NZ let Kiwis eat like Frank from House of Cards with 'dinner box' via Colenso NZ

5.Spark_Netflix_inside dinner box[5] (1).jpgDo you like ribs as much as President Frank Underwood? Good, because now Kiwis are getting the change to eat the ribs Frank eats at their place as they watch Frank eating ribs at Freddy's.

The new offering via Colenso BBDO, is thanks to a unique partnership between Netflix and Spark New Zealand that has seen some lucky customers receive a truly unique dinner box.

The House of Cards inspired dinner box was created to drive awareness of a new broadband package from Spark that comes with Netflix included for a year.

3.Spark_Netflix_Dinner box. (1).jpgInside the box is everything you need to make ribs like Freddy's from House of Cards. Customers get a full rack of ribs, BBQ spice, BBQ sauce plus all ingredients for the greens and the cornbread. Some lucky fans are already giving Freddy a run for his money with their interpretations of Frank's favourite comfort food.

Spark's GM customer and marketing, Clive 4.Spark_Netflix_front door (1).jpgOrmerod, says the dinner boxes are a way of making the popular series come alive for customers: "We wanted to tell our customers about this awesome new partnership in a way that would resonate with the amazing experiences we know it will deliver for them as they're drawn into the characters and stories of series like House of Cards. The dinner boxes bring this to life 5 (1).jpgin a tangible, immersive way."

Client: Spark NZ
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Partners: Netflix
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slow news week? said:

why are they PRing this?

The Hammer said:

Love the show. Love this.


Ads are all about recycling said:

@slow news week? Awards. If a campaign doesn't appear on an advertising blog is it really a campaign...
This is really just a re-worked Backyard BK.

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