Brad Elridge's Cannes Diary #2

Cannes_Palais_Sunset1.jpgBrad Elridge, founder and ECD at Soap Creative is representing Australia on the Cannes Mobile Lions jury. Elridge, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.
Friday: There were no major updates from Friday. We continued to judge work individually from the remaining categories we hadn't reviewed on the first day. My categories on Day 2 were; Virtual Reality, 360° Videos, Accessibility & Non Profit, Utilities, App Games, Co-Creation and User Generated, Social Business and finally Integrated Campaign.
I've included a photograph from the roof of the Marriott, shot at sunset on day 2 for your viewing pleasure. Looking back towards the Palais you can see the giant Billboard for Sonos and the Snapchat Ferris Wheel, which does make the place feel like the circus you can expect it will become soon.
Saturday: It was our third day together as a jury, and we still haven't had any formal verbal debate. We spent today ranking the combined shortlist we had created as individuals - the list was down to 175.
It's my understanding today was the last chance to weed out any work not up to shortlist recognition that may have slipped through. It was also a chance to bring back any work that had been eliminated - but we could only bring back one piece of work each. 
Tomorrow we will meet as a group and discuss the final pool of entries to see if the rankings have aligned with each of our expectations. The members of the mobile jury are all pretty chilled, there don't appear to be any egos, so I don't expect there to be any heated debate. But I'll see if I can stir things up :)
The highlight of my day was having to test a piece of hardware and software that performs a very personal diagnosis. No other man on the jury would put their hand up for it. I felt it was my duty to the festival and the wider creative community that we tested every piece of work meticulously. Rest easy my fellow Australians, I'm doing everything I can to make sure at least the mobile category is judged thoroughly and fairly.
The festival goes into full swing tonight.

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