Unruly applies data to help advertisers create optimal six second-long video adverts

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.33.01 am.jpgFrom Fox to social platforms to brands like Michelin, the advertising industry is looking to 2018 with its eye on shorter, 6-second video ads.

Shorter content has proven to resonate with viewers, which isn't surprising when you consider that humans now have an attention span of only 9 seconds, according to research from Microsoft. That's 1 second shorter than a goldfish.
Furthermore, Unruly's Mobile Video study shows that people of all ages think the ideal length for mobile video ads is "under 10 seconds."

To support this growing demand, Unruly is launching a Six Second Fix to help advertisers capitalise on this growing trend and create shorter content utilising existing creative assets, leading to even greater ROI from video content they've already invested millions in.

Six seconds can help publishers as well, as they look at more and more ways of monetising their mobile traffic. Mobile ad spend increased 77% to $36.6 billion last year, according to the IAB. However, Mary Meeker has reported there is a $22B mobile monetisation gap, meaning publishers are struggling to profit from this increase in traffic.

How does it work?
Unruly will use its proprietary data to create the optimal mobile-friendly cut-down from existing video ads and distribute it to the people who'll love it most on premium, brand-safe mobile publishers.

Using UnrulyEQ, it'll map the peaks of engagement for nat rep and an advertiser's target demo to make the optimal six second video, which can be applied for either vertical or horizontal mobile formats.

Unruly will also use data from its mobile vs. desktop EQ study to make content recommendations. For example, Unruly knows that mobile devices beat desktop devices when it comes to delivering brand values (not the product), which can lead to increased post viewing behavior on mobile.

Case Study
Unruly analysed its own video creative, the UNcampaign, and found the highest points of engagement for viewers based on the smile track in the the tool's smile track.

pasted image 0.jpg

[Figure 1: Affectiva's Smile Trace for Unruly's UNcampaign]

By identifying the points that made viewers the happiest, Unruly edited this spot to create the ideal six second video that will best resonate with viewers in this short format. Unruly also tracks concentration, surprise and negative responses, as well as viewer verbatims.

What Happens Next?
Advertisers can launch their six seconds spots through Unruly's user-friendly outstream video formats, which only begin to play once in-view. Advertisers can also be secure launching their campaigns through Unruly's Shield-certified publisher partners.

Unruly is committed to brand safety and is the only video SSP to have received an independent review certifying its compliance with the Trustworthy Accountability Group's (TAG) Inventory Quality Guidelines (IGQ). Additionally, Unruly has achieved a Seal of Compliance and Certificate which verifies our continued compliance to JICWEBS' Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles.

To learn more about how to create a six second fix, email Unruly at hello@unrulygroup.com

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