Berocca Forward launches new 'How to DAD' social media influencer campaign via Socialites

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.29.51 am.jpgBayer New Zealand has gone live with a first for the company - a social media influencer-led campaign created by social media agency Socialites.

Kicking off with How to DAD's Jordan Watson, the campaign promotes the healthy dose of energy received from Bayer's Berocca Forward energy drink. The campaign is running across Instagram and Facebook until the end of December and will involve  a wide range of influencers  as well as Berocca Forward's own content and creative posts.
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.30.00 am2.jpgSays Sarah Alexander, senior brand manage, Bayer ConsumerScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.30.07 am3.jpg Health: "We couldn't wait to kick off this campaign on social. It's a first for us and weScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.30.18 am4.jpg knew it would make an impact. Within 24 hours we received comments from Jordan's audience asking where they can buy the product, including fans from the US and UK. The video has inspired them to buy the drink - that's a terrific endorsement."

Socialites strategist Rochelle Sheldon maintains that in this day and age "brands must become the content people want to consume rather than an interruption of what they are already consuming.

"For this reason and due to the fact that Berocca Forward had a limited fan base, a social influencer strategy was considered as the most effective campaign to deliver.  While it was imperative that the social content created was on brief for Bayer, creative control was in the hands of the influencer."

Bayer could then leverage the influencers fan base and engage with them directly on the influencer's post as well as Berocca Forward's own Facebook page. This means Berocca Forward has a wider reach than simply posting from Bayer's own account. A win for fans, influencer and brand.

Says Emma John, senior client lead, Socialites: "we knew that taking a brand on a social influencer campaign was going to push comfort levels, but we were so fortunate to work with Bayer Consumer Health, who saw the value in thinking outside of the box.

With sponsored video content being a $100 million dollar industry in the UK, we see this genre growing more and more and wanted to help cement Berocca Forward and Bayer as champions of this genre. As a first for Bayer, we're obviously thrilled to be bringing it to life and helping our mission to fill New Zealanders with #positiveenergy."

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