Reality check for drug drivers in NZ Transport Agency's latest campaign via Clemenger BBDO

High_Crashes_City_street (1).jpgStoned drivers are being warned of the realities in a new campaign from Clemenger BBDO Wellington and the NZ Transport Agency.

The images, shot by photographer Steven Boniface, will appear in outdoor posters and targeted print, as well as online.

Research shows New Zealanders aren't worried about drug driving. They don't think it contributes much to the road toll. Things like drink driving, speeding and road conditions rank much higher as concerns.

Because drug driving crashes are not often reported, there's a perception that crashes rarely happen, or if they do, they're fender benders.

But the statistics tell a different story. In a 5 year study in New Zealand, 1 in 4 drivers who had crashed and died had cannabis in their system when they crashed.

High_Crashes_Countryside (1).jpgSays Rachel Prince, principal advisor of the NZ Transport Agency: "Cannabis smokers who drive admit they're sometimes a bit slow to react on the road but it's just "small harmless stuff". They don't believe what they're doing is risky. We needed them to see drug driving is far more dangerous than they think, and give drivers a clear message of what to do."

Says Brigid Alkema, ECD of Clemenger BBDO Wellington: "Just as in real life, these scenes are perfectly ordinary moments, interrupted by crashes. The slight twist from reality gives the scenes a surreal feeling.High_Crashes_Neighbourhood (1).jpg Steve's intriguing and distinctive treatment will see the messages standing out and really drawing viewers in."

Campaign title: High Crashes
Execution titles: City street, Neighbourhood, Countryside
Client: NZ Transport Agency
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Photography: Steven Boniface, Match Photographers
Media: OMD


Proud mum said:

Absolutely amazing work, guys. Xx.

White Smurf said:

Nice art but falls short on delivery for me.

er...... said:

Am I the only one who looks at these and thinks 'what on earth is going on?'

Do we think the average person is going to stand there decoding the oh so clever art direction?

Bob the Green Driver said:

Fantastic idea that hammers the point home. The art is something else. Beauty.

3 Months to come down said:

"Coming down from cannabis", sure that's around six hours, but the "1 in 4 drivers who had crashed and died had cannabis in their system when they crashed" statistic is really misleading.
Those drivers could have been free of cannabis for a month or two, however to fully remove cannabinoids from your system would mean taking three months of "Coming down" as that is the length of time your body takes to get rid of all traces.

Spliff said:

I don't think your average stoner will get this at all.

@ er......... said:

Are you high? This is a simple get, not the Davinci code. Boniface great job!

Trash, because the statistics and brief was trash.

waste said:

Striking image but award fodder surely... media is all wrong for the target and moment. Tinny vision a million times more on point. .. plus I drove high for 20 plus years and my crashes were when I was drunk.

at campuchia also usually happen

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