Rialto Channel's Breast Cancer Screenings via DDB NZ secures metal at PromaxBDA Awards

The Breast Cancer Screenings_Shot 3[1][1][4]-thumb-400x225-265527.jpgNew Zealand's Rialto Channel and DDB NZ took storytelling to a whole new level in 2016 when they launched The Breast Cancer Screenings in support of ground-breaking breast cancer research. Since then the campaign has won at the Axis Awards, Cannes, Award and Spikes Asia. Now, in an outstanding result, DDB and Rialto Channel have picked up 3 Gold and 3 Silver awards at the PromaxBDA Awards for this important campaign.
DDB and Rialto Channel used print, online, PR and social media marketing to encourage women to register for a free film ticket to The Breast Cancer Screenings. Hosted by Rialto Channel at Auckland's Academy Cinema's, and supported by the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, 400 women had the opportunity to donate their tears, while watching the emotional rollercoaster that is the critically acclaimed romantic-drama Brooklyn.

Says Damon Stapleton, chief creative officer, DDB: "We are proud of these awards. They recognise a campaign that will potentially help millions of women around the world each year; helping to progress the valuable research that US company Ascendent Dx is doing in the area of breast cancer detection."

Roger Wylie, Rialto Channel general manager, says he's thrilled with the ongoing recognition this work has received: "At Rialto Channel we are firm believers that powerful stories change lives. This campaign shines a light on the power of an important story well told, and the awards recognise that."

Ascendant DX is an American research company on the cutting-edge of breast cancer detection technology. They have discovered that tears could potentially be used to detect breast cancer with up to 90 percent accuracy.

The Promax BDA Awards recognise marketing excellence in the media marketing space and are regarded as the most prestigious awards for creative endeavour in this field.

Promax BDA Awards:
Best Image Campaign (Television or VOD Platform) - Gold
Best Special Event - Gold
Best Marketing Video/Sizzle Reel/Sneak Peaks Presentation - Gold
Best Use of Digital - Silver
Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for a Programme - Silver
Most Outstanding Marketing Initiative - Silver

VIEW THE FULL LIST OF WINNERS - anz2017_-_winners_list.pdf


hmm said:

DDB - "we're entering less awards, that's why we're not winning so much these days"

Also DDB - "Look! We won something at this award show that literally no one on the planet has ever heard of!"

Hugh Bris said:

DDB, get a grip.

Chris said:

The client entered these awards (and wanted the PR for winning).

Ludicrous said:

"They recognise a campaign that will potentially help millions of women around the world each year; helping to progress the valuable research that US company Ascendent Dx is doing in the area of breast cancer detection."

Look, take your little award if you want, but don't try and claim this campaign will help anyone other than yourselves. Never have I seen the word 'potentially' stretched so far.

Sandra said:

From someone on the judging panel for the Silver Lion "it won in PR that the idea attracted financial investment to the research that is taking years off its journey to FDA approval. It also gave researchers, hitherto reliant only on FDA grants (which only allow for testing of 3 women per research result), hundreds of individual research results - and that's also propelled its path to FDA approval".
No, I don't work at DDB, but I work in the business and I've followed this idea closely. because I am a woman whose lump wasn't caught by a mammogram - this is about getting another means of testing for breast cancer to the market quicker.

Still dubious said:

You're telling me the most efficient way for an Arkansas pharmaceutical company to harvest tears is to fly them in from New Zealand? C'mon. Do you have a source for that judges quote? I can't find it anywhere. You must be paying close attention indeed.

highly dubious said:

you don't have to cry for this to work. You stick a thing in the eye. so the whole running an event where we played movies to get make people cry is a yarn.

Lizzie said:

Dubious calm down, what's your beef?

Et Tu said:

Dubious. Seriously, you keyboard warrior a cancer victim?

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