NZ scores four finalists in LIA Production & Post Production shortlist; scores one in Music Video

Production & Post-Production and Music Vid_G-11.jpgLondon International Awards (LIA) has announced the shortlists for Production & Post-Production and Music Video.

A total of 86 entries have been shortlisted in Production & Post-Production. Australia dominates the field with 17 shortlisted entries, with Germany and the United States faring well with 16 shortlisted entries each.

New Zealand has scored four finalists in the Production & Post-Production category led by Sweetshop with two finalists for Speight's "The Dance" and New Zealand Police "Worlds Most Successful Recruitment Video". Assembly has scored one finalist for Heinz "Geoff" and DDB Group New Zealand has scored a finalist for Powerball "Armoured Truck".
In Music Video 13 entries shortlisted. The United States led with 5 entries shortlisted, followed by the United Kingdom (3), France (2) and Taiwan (2) following suit.

Sweetshop's James Blake has been shortlisted for "If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead" in the Music Video category.

The LIA judging process is unique in that each Juror sees every piece of work entered within the media that he or she is judging. The LIA Jury is comprised of the most talented, recognized and awarded individuals in the industry.

RobGalluzzo_JuryPresident.jpgRob Galluzzo (left), Founder of FINCH presided over a venerated jury composed of Sue Ahn, Smuggler Los Angeles; Gerard Cantor, Joinery Los Angeles; Anna Fawcett, Filmgraphics Entertainment Sydney; Dan Ford, Skin and Bones Film Toronto; Eriks Krumins, MJZ USA Los Angeles; Francine Linsey, AMVBBDO London; Veronica Puc, Leo Burnett Chicago; Elissa Singstock, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Ivo van Vollenhoven, Twentyfour Seven Barcelona.

Winners for all media will be announced on 5th November.

To view all shortlisted entries released thus far with media and full creative credits, please visit:

Complete 2018 list of Production & Post-Production and Music Video Shortlist (by country):


Riley Blakeway, Sydney
•    City Calm Down titled "Joan, I'm Disappearing" - Direction

Sweetshop, Los Angeles
•    James Blake titled "If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead" - Best Music Video

Grass Jelly Studio, Taipei
•    Mayday titled "Final Chapter" - Animation

FP7/BEY, Beirut
•    Mashrou' Leila titled "Roman: An Ode to Arab Feminism" - Choreography
•    Mashrou' Leila titled "Roman: An Ode to Arab Feminism" - Best Music Video

Isaiah Seret, London
•    Alt-J titled "Pleader" - Direction
•    Alt-J titled "Pleader" - Cinematography
•    Alt-J titled "Pleader" - Best Music Video

FREENJOY, Los Angeles
•    Kendrick Lamar, SZA titled "All The Stars" - Visual Effects
•    Kendrick Lamar, SZA titled "All The Stars" - Cinematography
•    Kendrick Lamar, SZA titled "All The Stars" - Best Music Video

JAMM, Santa Monica
•    Die Antwoord titled "Alien" - Visual Effects

YouTube, New York
•    Stormzy titled "Stormzy: Gang Signs & Prayer" - Best Music Video


Alt.vfx, Brisbane
•    Tile titled "Lost Panda" - CGI Animation
•    Tile titled "Lost Panda" - Visual Effects

ARC EDIT, Melbourne
•    Holden Colorado titled "Not to be Outdone" - Editing

ARC EDIT, Sydney
•    Go Gentle Australia titled "Stop the Horror" - Editing
•    ALDI Australia titled "More the Merrier" - Editing

BMF, Sydney
•    ALDI Australia titled "The More the Merrier - Dig in Doug" - Direction

FINCH, Sydney
•    Australian Football League titled "Don't Believe in Never" - Direction
•    Spark titled "Father's Day" - Direction
•    Spark titled "Father's Day" - Performance/Casting
•    Westpac titled "Bereavement Frank" - Direction
•    Westpac titled "Bereavement Frank" - Cinematography
•    Westpac titled "Bereavement Frank" - Performance/Casting

Revolver/Will O'Rourke, Sydney
•    Assisted Dying titled "Stop The Horror" - Direction
•    Assisted Dying titled "Stop The Horror" - Performance/Casting
•    Old Spice titled "Red Sweater" - Direction
•    Tourism Australia titled "Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home" - Direction
•    Tourism Australia titled "Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home" - Performance/Casting

AlmapBBDO, São Paulo
•    Getty Images titled "Endless Stories" - Editing

Saigon Filmes, São Paulo
•    Médecins Du Monde titled "#SHUTUPDEATH" - Cinematography
•    Médecins Du Monde titled "#SHUTUPDEATH" - Direction
•    Médecins Du Monde titled "#SHUTUPDEATH" - Editing

Cossette, Toronto
•    SickKids Foundation titled "SickKids VS - All In" - Cinematography
•    SickKids Foundation titled "SickKids VS - All In" - Direction
•    SickKids Foundation titled "SickKids VS - All In" - Editing

Marek Partyš, Prague
•    Czech Ice Hockey for Tibetian Children titled "Jágrlama" - Direction

Very Patchwork / Shoot Happens, Copenhagen
•    Volkswagen Beetle titled "Generations" - Direction

Henry, Paris
•    Ubisoft titled "The Sermon", "Baptisim" - Direction Campaign
•    Ubisoft titled "Baptism" - Editing
•    Ubisoft titled "The Sermon" - Editing

Mikros MPC Advertising, Paris
•    France 3 - Les Marmottes titled "E.T", "Rocky", "Titanic", "Top Gun", "Pulp Fiction", "Flashdance" - CGI Animation Campaign

Wanda Productions, Saint-Denis
•    Oakley titled "It's OK" - Cinematography
•    Oakley titled "It's OK" - Direction

ANORAK Film, Berlin
•    BMW Group MINI Brand Management titled "The Faith of a Few" - Cinematography
•    BMW Group MINI Brand Management titled "The Faith of a Few" - Direction
•    BMW Group MINI Brand Management titled "The Faith of a Few" - Editing
•    BMW Group MINI Brand Management titled "The Faith of a Few" - Production Design

German Wahnsinn, Hamburg
•    PETA titled "Eye to Eye" - Virtual Reality

HEIMAT, Berlin, Berlin
•    HORNBACH titled "Sweat it out" - Performance/Casting
•    HORNBACH titled "Sweat it out." - Production Design

Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg
•    EDEKA titled "Christmas 2117" - CGI Animation
•    EDEKA titled "Christmas 2117" - Cinematography
•    EDEKA titled "Christmas 2117" - Visual Effects
•    Netto - Easter Surprise - CGI Animation
•    Netto - Easter Surprise - Production Design

Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
•    Lufthansa titled "#LifeChangingPlaces - Lofoten" - Cinematography
•    Lufthansa titled "#LifeChangingPlaces - Lofoten" - Editing

Kolle Rebbe / Demodern, Hamburg
•    PETA titled "Eye to Eye" - Virtual Reality

Proximity Worldwide, Duesseldorf
•    Lidl Christmas Campaign titled "The Cheapest Christmas Ad." - Production Design

Publicis Italy, Milan
•    Diesel titled "Go With The Flaw" - Cinematography
•    Diesel titled "Keep The World Flawed" - Cinematography
•    Diesel titled "Keep The World Flawed" - Direction

Assembly, Auckland
•    Heinz titled "Geoff" - CGI Animation

DDB Group New Zealand, Auckland
•    Powerball titled "Armoured Truck" - Performance/Casting

Sweetshop, Auckland
•    Speight's titled "The Dance" - Direction
•    New Zealand Police titled "Worlds Most Successful Recruitment Video" - Performance/Casting

Ogilvy, Singapore
•    Pond's Men Lightning Oil Scrub titled "Bodybuilder" - Direction
•    Pond's Men Lightning Oil Scrub titled "Bodybuilder" - Performance/Casting

Agosto, Barcelona
•    FOX titled "Who?" - Direction

Blur Films, Madrid
•    International Committee of the Red Cross titled "Hope" - Direction
•    International Committee of the Red Cross titled "Hope" - Editing
•    International Committee of the Red Cross titled "Hope" - Performance/Casting

Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg
•    Volvo Car Group titled "Things" - Cinematography

Impact BBDO Dubai, Dubai
•    Centrepoint titled "Greed" - Cinematography

Framestore, London
•    Samsung titled "A Moon For All Mankind" - Virtual Reality

McCann London, London
•    Wimbledon titled "Wimbledon, History is there to be Beaten" - Cel Animation

Passion Pictures, London/Melbourne
• titled "Joy & Heron" - CGI Animation

Riff Raff Films, London
•    Nike titled "Nothing Beats A Londoner" - Direction
•    Nike titled "Nothing Beats A Londoner" - Editing
•    Nike titled "Nothing Beats A Londoner" - Performance/Casting

Time Based Arts, London
•    Nike titled "Nothing Beats a Londoner" - Visual Effects

BBDO New York, New York
•    AT&T/ It Can Wait - The Face of Distracted Driving Campaign titled "Forrest", "Caleb" - Direction Campaign

Buck, Los Angeles
•    Tinder titled "Invention of Together" - CGI Animation

CP+B, Los Angeles
•    Amazon Prime Video titled "Texans v Steelers", "Eagles v Panthers", "Bears v Packers" - Direction Campaign

Dollar Shave Club, Los Angeles
•    Dollar Shave Club titled "Get Ready" - Direction

Framestore, New York
•    Absolut titled "One Night" - Visual Effects

Furlined, Los Angeles
•    iPhone X titled "Unlock" - Direction
•    iPhone X titled "Unlock" - Editing
•    iPhone X titled "Unlock" - Production Design
•    iPhone X titled "Unlock" - Visual Effects

Leo Burnett, Chicago
•    Samsung titled "Don't Die On Me" - Editing

MullenLowe, Winston-Salem
•    Alzheimer's Awareness titled "Pure Imagination Project" - Visual Effects

Supply&Demand, Los Angeles
•    WeTransfer titled "The Bunt Machine" - Editing

Tool, Santa Monica
•    One Love Foundation titled "Will + Zoe", "Betrayal", "Isolation", "Jealousy", "Intensity", "Guilting" - Direction Campaign
•    Gatorade titled "Sisters in Sweat" - Editing

Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
•    Audi of America titled "Final Breath" - Cinematography
•    Audi of America titled "Parking Lot" - Editing

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